Thank you for sharing your magic. I am grateful to have the privilege of connecting with each and every soul who is drawn to work with me, and I truly appreciate the magic that you bring to our soul-stirring exchanges. 

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Personal Soul-utions

Connect to U — Personal Program


During my session my Soul wrapped its wings around my ego. I felt the love and compassion just melt my ego like chocolate in the hot sun. Since then, there is fluidity in my life and I am able to manifest what I need more quickly.

Helen Garside ~ Oakville, Canada  


I felt immediate, tangible physical and energetic effects from the energy clearing. Jennifer’s Connect to U program came to me at exactly the right time in my life. I left confidently connected to my life’s purpose and committed to a path and action plan.

Ramona Ng ~ Toronto, Canada

“I’m a radically different person after this treatment”

My Connect to U session has changed my life profoundly…literally overnight. For the last few years, I’ve been stuck in my life like a fly in amber. The very day after the Connect to U work, I began to understand the glorious purpose of my life, and “coincidental” meetings keep happening that are bringing me closer to my goal. I’m like a butterfly that has finally burst out of its cocoon. It’s no exaggeration to say I’m a radically different person a month after this treatment. Thank you Jennifer!

Jennifer Harvey ~ Windsor, Canada


Jennifer’s Connect to U session was extremely powerful. This past year I knowingly had been developing a much stronger connection to my soul. I was allowing my life to unfold before me and was very comfortable with this happening. When Jennifer did the soul connection process on me, it threw me for a loop. I no longer felt the connection I had — there was some type of adjustment going on. I felt unconnected for the first 2 weeks, then noticed that the reconnection was happening at a slow easy pace. I can tell you this was not an easy process for me to be totally cut off. What I am now aware of is that my connection shifted to a different place or space to help me move forward more gracefully.

Caren ~ Texas, USA
Executive Coach, Life Coach, Hypnotherapist, Neuro Linguistic Programmer, Sales Training using Neuro Linguist Programming techniques, Certified Personal Trainer

My stress level went from an 11/10 the morning of my session to 2/10 six weeks later, letting go more and more. Jennifer provides a safe and peaceful environment for the Connect to U session. The first few weeks after my session, I didn’t notice a big difference in my stressful life. Within 6 weeks, however, my stress level went from an 11/10 the morning of my session to 2/10 as my ego let go of having to know “how” and “why” things were happening or going to happen. I’m going with the flow more and looking at things from a new perspective.

Karen ~ Milton, Canada

My experience was unlike anything I have ever felt. While part of the session was quite difficult, I was able to release alot of things that were blocking me from moving forward. Thank you so much Jennifer!

Debbie ~ Toronto, Canada

Jennifer has a serene yet powerful goddess essence about her. Many beautiful thank you’s to Jennifer for my healing session with her today. She has a serene yet powerful goddess essence about her and works with pure energy to help loosen and release no longer needed karma and burdens. I felt very relaxed and drifted away to other spaces while she helped to lift a protective layer and a deep past life lingering sadness I no longer needed. I felt shimmering waves of what I thought to be stuff that no longer served me lifting from my body so Jennifer could clear it. Almost like another whole body hovering above mine from my past or other pasts that was blocking forward movement. Now I feel light and clear and ready to allow and trust the good that will come in. I am more open to receiving than ever before in this lifetime. Thank you thank you thank you Jennifer. You are a precious and loving presence in this world. Namaste

Shani ~ Mississauga, Canada

Thanks for a great empowering session and thanks for your whole process that begins before and continues well after the time on the table!

Andrew Bray ~ Hamilton, Canada

Connect to U — Self-Discovery Program

The affirmations provided are powerful and keep me on track. I was so surprised by my experience with Connect to U. I don’t normally enjoy guided meditations, but this one is different. The words, the sounds and Jennifer’s voice are just perfect. I’ve listened to the meditations several times, and my soul is so joyful with each experience. Thank you Jennifer!

Danielle ~ Toronto, Canada

“My soul is so joyful with each experience”

I feel like the whole session was made specifically for me … I experienced the Videos in the  Connect to U Self Discovery Program and I felt like every word, every image, every sound spoke directly to me — it was perfect … and I actually felt a real physical change when my ego stepped down. Tensions immediately disappeared and my whole body, especially my neck and shoulders relaxed. I felt warmth circulating throughout my body and my skin warming. Now I just feel the need to soak in a warm bath and rest … I look forward to integrating over the next days and weeks and journalling about the experience.  What a beautiful experience. With deepest gratitude, love and sincerity I thank you. 

Laura Slinn ~ Toronto, Canada

I feel like it (the energy, the discipline, the practice) stays with me and is taking me to a new level. I’ve studied and learned many different therapies of healing the mind, body and spirit, as well as different techniques like the Law of Attraction to help me create the best life I can live. Connect to U has made the biggest difference in my life, it puts it all together.

John D’Hondt

I would recommend these meditations of healing for those would like to obtain a higher level of peace and awareness. I am completely blessed to have been given the gift of experiencing the Karma clearing meditation video, along with the Your Soul Connection guided meditation video for men. Connect to U is a blessing of unconditional Love.  

Andrew ~ Toronto, Canada

Come on, let’s go!  We have things to make happen!

 Jennifer. Thank you for the wonderful session on.Yesterday was all integration…I think I have things settled. I woke up this morning ready to go. The energy is vibrating so much. It’s like excitement excitement excitement. I hear myself saying ‘come on, let’s go…’ We have things to make happen. 
Yeaaaaa! Thanks Jennifer for the enlightening intuitive reading and wonderful energy work. I felt the energy shooting through from my root to my crown! Off to start my day… It will be fun!

Wendy ~ Milton, Canada

An Hour of Magic & Clarity

Helpful Insight, Tools and Resources

I really enjoyed my session with Jennifer — she made me feel very comfortable and provided some helpful input and insight as well as some useful tools and resources after the call to help further. She also opened the door and created the interest for me to do more work with my intuition which I’m excited about. Thank you so much Jennifer for sharing your gift!    

Tanya ~ Ibiza, Spain

Business Soul-utions

While working with Jennifer…my business immediately began to thrive!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lyall and her Soul-ful Business Visioning Group Coaching Program. Jennifer was wonderful at supporting me to turn inwards to clearly define what my true business passion is and it has been an incredible experience to have a clearer focus for my current work and empower to feel new motivation to take the necessary steps to move myself forward into my ideal business direction.

While working with Jennifer, not only did I feel like I was thriving more personally and as a business woman, but my business immediately began to thrive more as well!

Jennifer’s gentle and vibrant presence makes her a delight to work with.

Business work does not have to be dull and boring!

Jennifer Kaster ~ Naturopathic Doctor


I would highly recommend your program to anyone that feels “stuck” in their business. 

Thank you Jennifer for an amazing journey through your Soulful Business Visioning Program! I have gained an understanding of how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success and now feel truly ready to embrace my passion and move my business forward. I am confident that the powerful message and tools you’ve provided will keep me on track. I’m getting out of my own way to start moving my ideas into action.

Susan Schroeter ~ Lean on Me Nutrition

Business Soul-utions has left a profound impact on my personal and business life.

Thank you so much for all the love, support, encouragement, tools and incredible energy that you have blessed us with over the last 6 weeks. I have so enjoyed our time together in the Soulful Business Visioning  group coaching program and all the things I learned.

The tools and videos you shared with us are wonderful and very helpful.

Many profound insights have shifted things within me and are moving me and my business in a more crystalized direction.

Inga B. ~ Pathway to Bliss

“I felt empowered”

1-on-1 Intuitive Business Clarity Sessions or Program

Jennifer really helped bring clarity to my business and figure out what direction I want to go in.

Thanks for the awesome session yesterday!  Jennifer has really helped bring clarity to my business and figure out what direction I want to go in. Every time we talk I am amazed at how good Jennifer is with marketing and finding ways to express what I want to say.

Jennifer has been a tremendous help not only for my business but for my personal life as well. It’s pretty hard to separate them as you only have one life with many hats.

I would recommend Jennifer to anyone I know who wants to live their souls mission and work their business with their whole being.


Andrew Mitchell 

Through Jennifer’s One-on-One Spiritual Business Coaching session, she was able to distill the energy that I need to convey in my business. The words Heart, Fun and Transformation came through loud and clear.  I felt empowered and it enabled me to apply to to my business by being clear on my mindset and shifting my emotions into manifesting my desired outcome.

Susan Kirschilling ~ Slimming With Us 

I enjoyed my session with Jennifer and found a sense of peace on leaving. Her guidance helped me find clarity from the scattered thoughts that had bounced around in my mind regarding the future direction my business should go. I value her advice knowing she is able to see things in me that I had not yet been able to see for myself. A truly motivating experience. You owe it to yourself to try it if your path is not clear to you. 

Michelle ~ 

With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

Jennifer’s magic happens as soon as she walks in the room.  Her blissful energy is amazing and she invited me to play with her.  I didn’t know what to expect in the Business Clarity Session or how it was going to unfold but I trusted her.  I knew she is gifted and I was allowing myself to tap into my untold secrets.

With her fantastic wisdom, she let herself be intuitively guided and started to ask me various questions.  I was relaxed and open to the possibilities and what to come out of this process was absolutely amazing.  With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

I now have a vision of where I can start and I trust that along the way things are going to be revealed to me.  I just need to do the first steps and let the magic happen.

Thank you Jennifer for your generosity and for helping me to envision my new business.  Your talents and your passion to support people are greatly appreciated by everyone who has the pleasure to be in your presence.

France, Burlington, Ontario


After our session, I’ve had calls, texts and Facebook messages and people going to my website to book me!

Since you helped me last Monday, I have had people calling me, texting me, contacting me through Facebook and going to my website to book me!!  I have also been remembering to love myself.  It’s a total turnaround and I am on cloud nine.  Thank you once again!  I have also been recommending you to other women I know who could possibly use your help.  You are awesome.  Keep up your amazing work Jennifer.



Other Services

Intuitive Soul Reading

Your Soul Reading gave me some crucial insight! Thank you so much for the Angel reading recently!  It gave me some crucial insight into the present transition in my life, and facilitated awareness of an opportunity unforeseen. Your gift is generous and helpful; I wish you all the best of love & light in your endeavours to enlighten our world. 

Eleanor ~ Oakville, Canada

That was such a beautiful, amazing, healing call. Thank you doesn’t cover the breadth and depth of what I’m feeling right now.

Theresa Dea, Oakville, Canada


After one session with Jennifer… I was able to do so much more!

After my one session with Jennifer I felt this spark of energy within me. I was able to do so much more, be in the present moment and actually take it easy. Thank you Jennifer your guidance is highly appreciated 🙂

Love and energy

JK, Mississauga, Canada


I definitely recommend her  to get more deep with what is holding you back in moving forward.

The universe has a way of connecting people with each other, I went to an event and saw Jennifer giving treatments/intuitive insights but you needed to sign up, which I did, and I also entered a draw that she was having.  I decided to book a 15 minute session but time was not on my side, and then within the week I received a message that I won a treatment.  Wow, that was like divine intervention.  I had my first session on the BioMat, it was amazingly relaxing and warm like if someone was massaging me.  Jennifer’s space was comfortable and safe.  The treatment was exactly what I needed at this time as I suffer from back pain. 

I also had a pleasure of sitting with Jennifer and learning about the amazing work that she does offer her clients, an intuitive reading, which I was amazed at, as we had limited time and she was able to tap into a part of me, that I was lost.  I definitely recommend her to anyone that wants a relief in having back issues to try out the BioMat and to have an intuitive reading to get more deep with what is holding you back in moving forward.  Jennifer, thank you for providing a warm, safe environment and being true to who you are. You are amazing, and it was a pleasure to have met a beautiful soul.


Note:  Jennifer is an Authorized Distributor for the Richway Biomat

Like a Soul Doctor that goes to the source of problem!

Dear Jennifer!

I can’t thank you enough again! Each time u amaze me wih your accuracy to the issues that Im coming to you with! 

Your reprogramming left me a new whole person and so empowered to be who I am! The energy work done on me was performed with such a dedication and even though it needed lots of effort, from your side and willingness, you have pulled me thru and encouraged to step out of the coccon as its a time to fly!
 It means a lot to me to meet such a beautiful lightworker soul! It’s like you are a Soul Doctor that goes to the source of problem!
Im speechless!Thank u for all your help!Thank you for who you are❤️❤️❤️
With lots of love
Anna, UK

Jennifer tunes in effortlessly and immediately to the issues needing addressed.
Jennifer is one of those rare souls that offers her gifts from a pure place. She is a clear conduit and tunes in effortlessly and immediately to the issues needing addressed. She offers a different perspective to whatever the issue is and gets in at the root.
We all need this on some level in our lives. We all need that outer perspective and Jennifer offers that in a unique way. 

Anne ~ Toronto, Canada

It was a truly incredible experience. I saw one of your Facebook posts a while ago where you mentioned how you watched a client’s face smooth out as you were working with them. I must admit, I thought that was a bit odd….to say the least. Imagine my surprise when I looked in the mirror at the end of our session and saw the stress marks on my face basically gone. I still have every well-earned line (I am a mom of 3 after all!!), however the worry lines were gone. I don’t pretend to know what you do, or understand what you see and feel, I simply know it helped me to clarify and removed a weight I had been carrying for quite some time. Once again, thank you so much for your time.

Cathy ~ Oakville, Canada

She sees through to your soul.

Jennifer inspires me as she has the courage to be vulnerable authentic whether you are one on one or in a group with her. She has the ability to cut through the masks that we carry when we are out in the world and see through to your soul. She is a very special lady and I am so glad I have met her.  

Jennifer ~ Burlington, Canada

Feeling more grounded and positive

Thank you Jennifer, for another wonderful session.  Your approach is filled with such kindness and compassion; I am instantly at ease and comfortable sharing with you.  Your guidance gave me a much needed nudge in the right direction, and provided me some action steps to help me to stop spinning my wheels.  I have followed through on a few of your suggestions, and am feeling much more grounded and positive.  Thank you!

Anne Pichora, Burlington- Fresh Start Family Wellness


Your insight will be extremely helpful to us right now and in the future. We are so delighted that we visited with you on Friday morning, and we are both confident that your contributions will be extremely helpful to us right now and in the future. Expect us to call on you for further guidance as life unfolds.

John & Elaine Leonard ~ Mississauga, Canada

You were bang-on with your reading! Jennifer! I wanted to reach out and thank you for a session we had earlier this year. You stated I was determining what best to do with my company and playing with manifestation. I’ve really been playing with both for the last little while and have come to a great conclusion. I wanted to reach out and let you know you were bang on with your reading … Thank You!

AK ~ Toronto, Canada

Jennifer brings compassion and integrity to whatever modality she uses. I felt she brought great insight and healing ability to our session.

Linda ~ Oakville, Canada

Jennifer is very intuitive and enlightening. I left our meeting feeling calm a relaxed with a heightened feeling of content.

Todd N. ~ Burlington, Canada

“A true soul connection”

My reading with Jennifer was both insightful and reassuring. Her peaceful, knowing guidance confirmed that I am indeed on the right path and I am excited to use the tools she presented. A true soul connection.

Louise N. ~ Port Hope, Canada

I highly recommend her, truly gifted. I knew I needed some direction. Jennifer is a very pleasant soulful person. She made me feel welcomed and at peace with my inner self and really gave guidance to the way I was feeling.

Trisha L. ~ Milton, Canada

You help me be my best and highest self!

The time I spend with you is so fantastic Jennifer! You have such an amazing ability to expand my mind and open my heart! Thank you so much for shining your big beautiful light and helping me be my best and highest! I’m so glad we made a Soul Connection, my wonderful Soul Sister!  P.S. I Love the BioMat too!

Deborah Devine ~ Burlington, Canada


Note: Jennifer is a Distributor for the Biomat 🙂

Her intuition and ability to connect with me on a soul level was profound 

Jennifer connected with me over the phone but it felt like we were meeting in person. Her intuition and ability to connect with me on a soul level was profound and I felt myself shifting a lot during our call. The rest of the day after our call was time for lots of rest and integration which I think spoke to the power of the session. I burst out crying when she channeled exactly what I needed to hear in that moment. Now I feel stronger having been reaffirmed in my own knowing of my truth so that I can live in integrity with what I value most and be the change I want to see in the world. I recommend Jennifer to any souls in need of gentle clarity and heart-centered healing.

Brian Tahana ~ Ottawa, Canada

Eye Gazing

Powerful. Thank you for the eye gazing session yesterday. It was very powerful and surpassed all my expectations.

Kathleen Marcotte ~ Mississauga, Canada

Awakening to Your Gifts Workshop

Jennifer, you are a very great person and I simply love you for what you are. This was my first unique experience. It was also the first time that Jennifer did an online live soul healing workshop with me and others who were in the same room with her. I never once felt that I was far away from them. In fact, Jennifer made sure throughout the workshop that I was fully involved in all that she was teaching us. Everybody, especially Jennifer, went out of their way to make me feel comfortable. Her workshop was a very enlightening experience for me for I learned more than she taught me but the credit still goes to her. Jennifer is such a compassionate, fascinating, humble and charismatic person. It is such qualities combined with her unique healing abilities that brought such a fascinating and enlightening dimensions to her teaching. More importantly, she taught me how to be myself all the way in learning energy healing, which is, “to awaken to my unique abilities”. 

Yogita ~ Mauritius

Jennifer helped me to finally accept my gifts and start to sharing them with 20+ clients in 1 week.

I’m beyond grateful for having Jennifer Lyall I my life!!!!  After the Awakening to Your Gifts Workshop on Saturday and spending all day working with her and other amazing ladies – I started my new life journey on Monday!!!
Jennifer helped me to finally accept my gifts and start to sharing them with man
y, who were waiting…
In the last 3 weeks, I’ve spent over 30 hours in one-on-one coaching sessions with beautiful souls around the globe!
Each and everyone left with new vision of their beauty and greatness!
What else to add?
My hat off to Jennifer’s super ability to create bridge!!!!!

Halyna ~ Toronto, Canada

Develop Your Intuition Through Dowsing and Oracle Cards Workshop

I saw results immediately!  And I now attract more spiritual clients and teach them how to dowse and use cards to find love!

I am so grateful I met Jennifer Lyall and attended her workshop on Dowsing and Tarot Card reading.  I had already been reading cards for myself, but found a new passion for it when Jennifer introduced me to the beautiful Osho Zen deck.  I didn’t have any luck on the dowsing while I was there, but quickly found the right pendulum at home.

I saw results immediately when everyone in attendance dowsed for me and all got the same answer without even knowing my question!  Since then, I dowse daily and seek guidance from the cards daily.  I’m on a new entrepreneurial journey and both card reading and dowsing have become such an important part of my success.  They help me to be true to myself and aware of the steps I should be taking on my path to helping people find love.  

Around this same time, I started to attract more spiritual clients.  I even use dowsing and Romance Angel cards in our sessions, to guide them in the right way.  So, not only have these skills helped me, but they also help me to help my clients find love!  I am grateful to Jennifer for introducing me to these new tools in my kit.  Thank you Jennifer!

Barb Geisel – Come on Cupid!

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