“I discovered I was mad at my business because I let my work encapsulate my life.
I’ve been carving out more time for myself.

And I shifted from “get things done fast” to calm down and slow down and get things done just as quickly. Now, I’m handling things way better than I would have in the past.”


First sale before I even started! Maybe there is something to this energy stuff after all ;-)

Daniele Weil

I’ve had my biggest year yet… with my new outlook expecting success.

The experience of the Ready To Be Seen program+ Expect Success has made such a huge shift in the way I think about life and business. I have had my biggest year in business yet and so much to do with
my new outlook of expecting success.

Myofascial Release Mississauga

When I look back to when we started working together, I feel so much more confident now. This has been most beneficial mentoring experience I’ve ever had.


“Thank you so much Jennifer! Today’s session was so valuable and I cannot wait to get started. I feel like I have a direction now and I can stop spinning my wheels. I’m looking forward to a very successful quarter. Thanks again for your wisdom and direction.”


You help me be my best and highest self.

The time I spend with you is so fantastic Jennifer! You have such an amazing ability to expand my mind and open my heart! I’m working on getting ready to be seen! Thank you so much for your wonderful lessons and wisdom! Implementing them is what I’m really working on right now! Thank you so much for shining your big beautiful light and helping me be my best and highest!

Deborah Devine
Healing Yoga, One TV

After our session, I’ve had calls, texts and Facebook messages and people going to my website to book me!

“Since you helped me last Monday, I have had people calling me, texting me, contacting me through Facebook and going to my website to book me!!  I have also been remembering to love myself.  It’s a total turnaround and I am on cloud nine.  Thank you once again!  I have also been recommending you to other women I know who could possibly use your help.  You are awesome.  Keep up your amazing work Jennifer.”

Milton, Canada

I felt empowered

Through Jennifer’s One-on-One Spiritual Business Coaching session, she was able to distill the energy that I need to convey in my business. The words Heart, Fun and Transformation came through loud and clear.  I felt empowered and it enabled me to apply to to my business by being clear on my mindset and shifting my emotions into manifesting my desired outcome.

Susan Kirschilling
Oakville, Canada

Noticeable Progress

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we started our group. My previous experiences with coaching was very formal and not as successful as I’d hoped. I had never tried a group such as we were starting.

After a few months I felt different. Better. More open. More grounded. More peaceful. Jennifer brought structure and freedom at the same time which allowed for organic conversation and noticeable progress.

Each month we knew we were moving forward. We knew we were changing. Her incredible energy during our reflection exercises allowed me to eventually melt in to it and reflect back just as passionately.

Overall, I am grateful. I am changed. I am energized. Why? Because Jennifer helps you see what’s possible. She allows you to grow in to it at your own pace. She also brings things to your attention that might make you uncomfortable at first but as you ponder you see how change can only bring growth.

Thank you Jennifer!

Elizabeth Plouffe
Toronto, Canada

Business Soul-utions has left a profound impact on my personal and business life.

You are Truly Amazing!  I am so grateful for your amazing work and insights, wisdom and genius-like being. Thank you so much for all the love, support, encouragement, tools and incredible energy that you have blessed us with. I have so enjoyed our time together and all the things I learned.

The tools and videos you shared with us are wonderful and very helpful, especially the Intuitive Business Decision Making tool.

Many profound insights have shifted things within me and are moving me and my business in a more crystalized direction.

I have no words to express my gratitude to you…silence speaks volumes 🙂

Inga B.
Oakville, Canada

I notice so many improvements &
I’m more intuitive.
This program helped me get real about my circumstances – I went from running around & exhausted to calm & confident in my day. It’s a very positive and powerful experience –


    I have more confidence to do things that…I have always wanted to do but was shy about doing.

    Jennifer’s process for helping to gain clarity for your business is both fun and inspiring. I loved Jennifer’s positive and uplifting manner, and the visions that she saw and described to me. The vision was much more than I had for myself and the potential for my business!

    Now, I have more confidence to do things that were very forward thinking and not mainstream that I have always wanted to do but was shy about doing.

    Kira Leskew
    Eagle Institute

    I got two new clients set up with my New Client package this week. No one blinks at the package. Who knew? I do now! LOL! Plus, I’m getting well aligned clients and I’m enjoying the heck out of getting to work with clients regularly instead of sporadically. Big win!

    Laurin Wittig

    While working with Jennifer…my business immediately began to thrive!
    “I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lyall and her Intuitive Business Program. Jennifer was wonderful at supporting me to turn inwards to clearly define what my true business passion is and it has been an incredible experience to have a clearer focus for my current work and empower to feel new motivation to take the necessary steps to move myself forward into my ideal business direction. While working with Jennifer, not only did I feel like I was thriving more personally and as a business woman, but my business immediately began to thrive more as well! Jennifer’s gentle and vibrant presence makes her a delight to work with. Business work does not have to be dull and boring!”

    Jennifer Kaster
    Naturopathic Doctor

    You owe it to yourself to try a Business Accelerator Session with Jennifer if your path is not clear to you.

    I enjoyed my session with Jennifer and found a sense of peace on leaving. Her guidance helped me find clarity from the scattered thoughts that had bounced around in my mind regarding the future direction my business should go. I value her advice knowing she is able to see things in me that I had not yet been able to see for myself. A truly motivating experience. You owe it to yourself to try it if your path is not clear to you.

    Michelle Durant
    Oakville, Canada

    Jennifer tunes in effortlessly and immediately to the issues needing addressed.

    Jennifer is one of those rare souls that offers her gifts from a pure place. She is a clear conduit and tunes in effortlessly and immediately to the issues needing addressed. She offers a different perspective to whatever the issue is and gets in at the root.
    We all need this on some level in our lives. We all need that outer perspective and Jennifer offers that in a unique way.

    Toronto, Canada

    With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

    Jennifer’s magic happens as soon as she walks in the room.  Her blissful energy is amazing and she invited me to play with her.  I didn’t know what to expect in the Business Clarity Session or how it was going to unfold but I trusted her.  I knew she is gifted and I was allowing myself to tap into my untold secrets.

    With her fantastic wisdom, she let herself be intuitively guided and started to ask me various questions.  I was relaxed and open to the possibilities and what to come out of this process was absolutely amazing.  With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

    I now have a vision of where I can start and I trust that along the way things are going to be revealed to me.  I just need to do the first steps and let the magic happen.

    Thank you Jennifer for your generosity and for helping me to envision my new business.  Your talents and your passion to support people are greatly appreciated by everyone who has the pleasure to be in your presence.

    France Theriault
    Burlington, Canada

    Jennifer helped me to finally accept my gifts and start to sharing them with 20+ clients in 1 week.

    Jennifer helped me to finally accept my gifts and start to sharing them with many, who were waiting… In the last 3 weeks, I’ve spent over 30 hours in one-on-one coaching sessions with beautiful souls around the globe! Each and everyone left with new vision of their beauty and greatness! What else to add? My hat off to Jennifer’s super ability to create bridge!!!!!

    Toronto, Canada

    Jennifer really helped bring clarity to my business and figure out what direction I want to go in.

    Jennifer has really helped bring clarity to my business and figure out what direction I want to go in. Every time we talk I am amazed at how good Jennifer is with marketing and finding ways to express what I want to say. Jennifer has been a tremendous help not only for my business but for my personal life as well. It’s pretty hard to separate them as you only have one life with many hats. I would recommend Jennifer to anyone I know who wants to live their souls mission and work their business with their whole being.


    Andrew Mitchell
    Milton, Canada

    Stepping out of my Comfort Zone

    Jennifer Lyall is a great coach. I love her insights and her guidance is spot on. I appreciate all she does to help me explore my gifts and step out of my comfort zone to grow my business.


    Cathy S.
    Toronto, Canada

    Thanks for helping me get featured at the Oscars.

    Thank you Jennifer for being such an amazing intuitive business coach and helping me get my macarons to A star celebrities during the 2019 Oscar weekend. The sessions with you have been tremendously helpful with everything going on in my personal life too. What happens in my personal life directly impacts my professional life. The sessions have helped me clear the negativity and become productive and stay grounded. I’m a solopreneur and in isolation it’s easy to lose motivation when obstacles are thrown our way. Thank you Jennifer for all of your help!

    Kaoutsar Entifi
    Kitchener, Canada

    It has been worth every penny to get over myself and my fears.

    I can see the universe slowly moving me to work one on one with people. It has been worth every penny to just get over myself and my fears and start this path that has been in my head for so long.

    Renata Chubb
    Toronto, Canada

    She’s able to help you see to the root of the issue and move past it gracefully

    It only takes Jennifer 5 minutes to get me from frantic to serene. She has a special magic, and she’s able to really help you see to the root of the issue, and move past it gracefully. I swear, there are some mornings that I don’t know what I would have done without her!


    Catherine Chan
    Toronto, Canada

    Because of her guidance, I created & GREW a soul-based business, in a global pandemic.
    Jennifer’s support and mentorship provided me the building blocks to create & grow, my soul-based, start-up business, online. As a new Entrepreneur, I had just started an in-person service business 4 months prior to working with Jennifer and was a complete newbie to the online space. I received guidance, wisdom, support, nurturing and direction from Jennifer, that helped me create a new online & in-person business, from scratch….just one year ago!

    Truthfully, it wasn’t only a business that was created….I had left the corporate world, and did a 180 in my entire life. I was also re-created! Jennifer’s mentorship guided me through one of the most pivotal points in my life; because of her guidance, I created & GREW a soul-based business, in a global pandemic.

    I participated in Jennifer’s “Ready To Be Seen” program, “Intuitive Business Master Mind”, a Morning Connection program, and most significantly, with Jennifer in her 1:1 Mentorship.
    The tools I learned from each of these program and in most significantly in her 1:1 Mentorship, were the foundational blocks to align my head, heart and soul in the same direction & gave me the confidence to move forward.

    It was Jennifer’s belief in my ability to create and grow a business, long before I believed in myself, that was the fuel to launching this rocket! Connecting the vision of what I wished to create, and grounding it in the real world, would have taken a LOT longer if I hadn’t been under Jennifer’s mentorship.

    When you work with Jennifer you receive intuitive guidance, practical to-do’s and wisdom that will literally shape your future, if you take the action.

    I am blessed & grateful to have been Mentored by Jennifer, to have met so many wonderful Woman during our time together and to proudly share with you today, “yeah, I’m the CEO of a growing, prosperous, soul-based business” 💕

    I highly recommend Jennifer’s mentorship & guidance if you’re in a new season of business, or creating one from scratch! This work isn’t meant to be done alone, and Jennifer’s mentorship is the perfect place to begin!

    Eternally grateful for you Jennifer <3
    Sara McCready, CEO, Illuminated Joy

    Sara McCready
    Illuminated Joy

    Thank you for sharing your magic. I am grateful to have the privilege of connecting with each and every visionary entrepreneur who is drawn to work with me, and I truly appreciate the magic that you bring to our soul-stirring exchanges. 


    “I would highly recommend your program to anyone that feels “stuck” in their business.

    Thank you Jennifer for an amazing journey through your Scattered to Focus – Intuitive Business Clarity Program! I have gained an understanding of how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success and now feel truly ready to embrace my passion and move my business forward. I am confident that the powerful message and tools you’ve provided will keep me on track. I’m getting out of my own way to start moving my ideas into action.”

    Susan Schroeter
    Lean on Me Nutrition

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