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I’m now sharing my gifts with 20+ clients a week from all over the globe! Thank you Jennifer! – Halyna Korchynska

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Hey there, I’m Jennifer Lyall, and I’m an Intuitive Business Mentor & Chief Energy Optimizer (CEO) offering heart aligned Business Soul-utions™

I help ambitious female entrepreneurs who are losing control with too many ideas and too much to juggle, to get centred and focused. They learn to master their energy and intuition so they can uplevel their impact and income, while doing what makes their heart sing.

“Jennifer’s process for helping to gain clarity for your business is both fun and inspiring. I loved Jennifer’s positive and uplifting manner, and the visions that she saw and described to me. The vision was much more than I had for myself and the potential for my business!

Now, I have more confidence to do things that were very forward thinking and not mainstream that I have always wanted to do but was shy about doing.”

-Kira Leskew

No more…. Feeling constricted in your chest (worried about getting the results you want), sacrificing yourself trying to please clients, making wrong decisions (despite the intuitive red flags)….. working late, and waking up early in the morning feeling anxious and overwhelmed. I’ll help you release what’s blocking you and Master Your Energy – so you can run a business that builds you up (instead of slowly but surely draining you of energy and joy).

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“When the soul, heart and mind are aligned, anything is possible.”

-Jennifer Lyall

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