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Can you imagine the success you crave
just happening…

…without struggle or sacrifice?

Because that’s what happens when I help you Re-Align.

Everything becomes easy, including those $10K months, speaking in front of big audiences, having celebrities swoon over your products…landing those dream projects and clients and more!

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Here’s How I Can Help You:

OPTION #1 The Intuitive Business Accelerator

Her guidance helped me find clarity from the scattered thoughts that had bounced around in my mind regarding the future direction my business should go.
– Michelle Durant

If you’ve been feeling you’re swimming upstream, trying to inch your way to that next level you’ve outlined… this session is a perfect start – offering you the sacred space to hear your intuition.

You bring your struggle (or question), and by the end of this 3-hour intensive you’ll feel (just to give a few examples)…

  • Less anxious and worried (having the ability to deal with stressful business situations – without stressing out)
  • Able to set way better boundaries: how to say no to clients, so you don’t end up making revisions or taking calls during the evenings and on weekends (bye bye diva clients!)
  • More focused, knowing EXACTLY what you need to do to move that big vision of yours forward, with a clear plan
  • Energetically lighter, no matter your responsibilities. Able to let go of patterns that’ve been keeping you spinning in circles

This 3-hour Intensive will take place via video conferencing or in person (Toronto area).

Got a gut feeling this is for you? Then it is….

P.S. In case I’m booked out for a few weeks, but you need an appointment ASAP, go to my contact page and send me a note. My team will see if we can fit you in earlier.

I enjoyed my session with Jennifer and found a sense of peace on leaving. Her guidance helped me find clarity from the scattered thoughts that had bounced around in my mind regarding the future direction my business should go. I value her advice knowing she is able to see things in me that I had not yet been able to see for myself. A truly motivating experience. You owe it to yourself to try it if your path is not clear to you.

Michelle Durant

OPTION #2: Intuitive Business Clarity
3 Month Intensive

I would highly recommend your program to anyone that feels “stuck” in their business.
– Susan Schroeter, Lean on Me Nutrition

You’ve already achieved a level of success in your business. But things feel stagnant (or perhaps you’re bored).

It’s time to break through to that next level – so you can experience the excitement of your Soul calling you forward!

During this program, you’ll start making more powerful decisions – so you no longer have to hum and haw (being consumed by “Am I making the right decision?!” kinda thoughts) over

joining up with affiliate partners, saying yes to speaking gigs or other enticing opportunities.

You know what to do, the second the decision presents itself.

Included in our work together are 7 sessions over 3 months:

1. The Sacred Connect to U session

This unique process is foundational for the rest of the Business Clarity. It’s time to Program. This connects you with your soul, so you can more easily understand your soul’s purpose and listen to your soul’s guidance for how to fulfill it. It is a two-hour session that includes energy clearing and a sacred ceremony to connect your soul with your heart and your mind to allow you to more easily hear your intuition and confidently make decisions. 2 hour session

2. Business Clarity Session

Using meditation and creative visualization, we’ll create the perfect structure for your business and create a plan for the year ahead. 3 hour session.

  • Where to focus your attention
  • Your personal needs and values that need to be met in order to bring your vision to life
  • Prioritizing how to move forward
  • Links to community that will help you be successful/fulfilled personally and professionally

3. Create Your Intention Board: Intentional living with the Power of Focus
Sessions 4-7:

1 hour sessions that will support you clearing energy, with intuitive clarity, business resources and connections, guidance, teaching, whatever it is that you need that day, we’ll work through to help build that foundation for an awesome year ahead.

The result?

Feeling profoundly connected with your Soul, heart and mind – so there’s no more room for the imposter syndrome, or vicious inner critic to step in and sabotage your momentum.

Past clients have described this experience as 10x-ing their focus, clarity and therefore…revenue.

Leave dissatisfaction behind and step into your zone of genius!

Book your call below to speak to Jennifer to see if this is the perfect next step for you!

“I would highly recommend your program to anyone that feels “stuck” in their business.

Thank you Jennifer for an amazing journey through your Intuitive Business Clairty Program! I have gained an understanding of how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success and now feel truly ready to embrace my passion and move my business forward. I am confident that the powerful message and tools you’ve provided will keep me on track. I’m getting out of my own way to start moving my ideas into action.”

Susan Schroeter ~ Lean on Me Nutrition

OPTION #3: The Intuitive Business Mentorship Intensive

While working with Jennifer…my business immediately began to thrive!
– Jennifer Kaster, Naturopathic Doctor

If you’re looking for a Mentor who’s going to be there as you outline your next level…and turn your big vision into reality…this might be for you.

Every year, I take a select few female entrepreneurs under my wing and give them the personalized attention and DIRECT SUPPORT they need to navigate a huge upleveling in their business and life.

Included are…

  • 9 month program – 2 calls/month
  • Starts with the same foundation of the Intuitive Business Clarity 3 Month Intensive with continuing sessions 2 x per month for a total of 9 months which include:
    • 6 Month VIP Day to review your progress and do deep clearing
    • Clear your Money Blocks with Soul Aligned Chartered Accountant, Linda Spencer (2 hour session)
    • Rapid Transformational Therapy session, Hypnosis session and custom meditation to clear limiting beliefs with Hypnotherapist Huma Haider.


  • Custom Meditations to support you through your stages of growth
  • Spiritual prescriptions to keep you soulfully aligned
  • My Energy Check system check-ins to manage your energy
  • Voxxer support (voice memos)

I’ve supported women we were launching a new podcast, developing and marketing new high end programs to C-level executives, launching a new signature program, creating life changing not-for-profit organizations, and more.

It’s the absolute fast track to creating a business that’s mind, heart and soul-aligned (meaning: amplified impact & income without draining yourself energetically)!

Availability for the Intuitive Business Mentorship Program is limited. If you’re interested in learning more, please book your call below to have a conversation to see if you’re the right fit.

“While working with Jennifer…my business immediately began to thrive! I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lyall and her Intuitive Business Program. Jennifer was wonderful at supporting me to turn inwards to clearly define what my true business passion is and it has been an incredible experience to have a clearer focus for my current work and empower to feel new motivation to take the necessary steps to move myself forward into my ideal business direction. While working with Jennifer, not only did I feel like I was thriving more personally and as a business woman, but my business immediately began to thrive more as well! Jennifer’s gentle and vibrant presence makes her a delight to work with. Business work does not have to be dull and boring!”

Jennifer Kaster ~ Naturopathic Doctor

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