Inner Battery

From Depleted to Energized in 2 Minutes

Around the world people are going through the motions of their day tethered to devices. They are scheduling, emailing, typing, posting, sharing and liking so much in response to the outside world.

When the battery level on your phone or device slips down and goes into the dreaded red zone where you know that you don’t have much time left, you either quickly wrap up what you were doing or frantically look for somewhere to plug in.

The trouble is, is that responding to the outside world takes priority over responding to your inside world. When your inner battery drops down, society has taught us to suck it up and push through.

So many women are going through life oblivious to the fact that they are treading water. They are just one step away from drowning in their to do lists.

Checking Your Inner Battery is a life line to help you have the awareness of what’s going on within yourself and your life so you can find a rhythm that helps you stay in the thriving zone will a full charge.

Check Your Inner Battery™ teaches mindfulness in action. It’s based on Jennifer’s broad research, training and experience, which includes: meditation, energy work, breathing techniques, gratitude, nature immersion, journaling and intuition.

Managing your energy and how you show up is a high performance habit. It means taking responsibility for how you feel physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually: with your clients, co-workers, family and friends.


As you expand your personal awareness, you can take mindful action to boost your energy when it feels low. This impacts your focus, productivity and happiness. It also heightens your intuition helping you make decisions more confidently.

Jennifer Lyall is an Intuitive Business Mentor & Chief Energy Optimizer. She’s a passionate wellness advocate, sought after spiritual development expert and creator of the Check Your Inner Battery™ process. Sparked by witnessing organizations’ and individuals’ lack of progress after learning new wellness initiatives and a fascination with high performance habits, Jennifer created the Check Your Inner Battery™ process as an easy way to make wellness a habit.

She’s on a mission to teach 1 million people how to check their inner battery as often as they check their phone battery.

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