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Intuitive Business Mastermind

Date:    September 13th – December 10th

Location:   online

Uplevel your habits, energy, thoughts and perception of what’s possible in your business, with a focused group of ambitious entrepreneurs.

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High Vibe Business Connections Sessions

Date:  Friday, October 8th

Time: 10am – 12pm EDT

Location:   online

Looking for deeper connections with ambitious entrepreneurs who get the importance of doing the inner work, so your business can thrive?  Want to create a new inner circle of colleagues?

Join us for a monthly meeting of: Spiritual based business teaching to progress more rapidly and easily in your business, energy clearing and connection time plus laser coaching focusing on the theme for the month.

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Release Fear, Shame and Judgement of Selling

Date: Fall 2021

Time:   To be confirmed

Location:   Online


Do you struggle to keep a continuous flow of prospects and new clients and can’t figure out why?

Why it’s so hard to put yourself out there?
Why you can’t think of what to share, or where to share it?

It’s like there’s something blocking you from confidently reaching out, showing up and having empowering conversations.

This block is often linked with limiting beliefs, fear, shame and judgement around money, sharing your voice and selling going back to your childhood or even ancestrally through epigenetics.

In this session we’ll review:
⭐️ What are your perspectives on selling
⭐️ Common triggers of the fear, shame and judgement & how they stop you
⭐️ What’s behind these triggers (Energy ++)
⭐️ The secret to releasing these blocks

We’ll do an energy clearing during this session and it’s going to be super powerful!

Walk away with one of your biggest blocks gone & a simple strategy to help you show up to every sales conversation in a heart-centred way.

If you’re an entrepreneur who believes in energy, the universe and spirituality, this will be an insightful session into the energy of selling.

Coming Soon!

Ready to be Seen

3-Week Group Program

Date: October 18 – November 5, 2021
Time: 9:30 am – 10:30am

Location:   Online

Are you Hiding in Your Business?

Struggle with what to write, what to post, where to go, who to be?

Stories in your head causing confusion, making you feel bad preventing you from putting yourself out there…

Ready to release the beliefs, stories and energies?

What would your business look like then?

  • Connecting with more clients, they love your vibe and want to work with you
  • Express what you do effortlessly, it just flows out of you, and really connects with the heart of your audience
  • Stronger boundaries, working less, being more productive, enjoying your business
  • Your heart sings, because you’re reaching your goals, and you’re having fun!

Join me for a 3 week Powerful program to energetically release what’s holding you back, so you can feel confident and Ready To Be Seen


Workshops I offer

If you are interested in attending or would like to host one of these workshops, please contact me for more information.

Intuitive Decision Making: Build Your Business Instincts

Businessman Working At Desk With Meeting In Background

Develop your intuition and hone in on your business instincts. In this workshop you’ll learn how to use simple tools and techniques to help you confidently make decisions for your business. You’ll walk away with a greater awareness of the signs that your body gives you to guide you through your day. We’ll even complete an exercise to help you through a decision you are making right now.

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How to be Happier and More Productive!

My Energy Check Boost Your Inner BatteryHow to Be Happier and More Productive – Listeners are guided through My Energy CheckTM, an easy to implement energy awareness tool that is as simple as checking your phone battery, maximize your energy & get more done!

Visit my Media page to listen to my interview on EZ Rock.

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From Scattered to Focused

Overwhelmed with too many ideas and not making progress with any of them? Learn how to pick the best ideas that will gain the most traction and income in your business.  Jennifer will take you through a powerful exercise and make a conscious, value based decision that is best for you and your business right now!

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Getting Started with Meditation & Creative Visualization

Meditation and creative visualization are transformational experiences that, when invested in daily, can bring your life experience to new heights. I will share real life stories of how people have experienced huge shifts in their personal and business lives simply by taking on a disciplined meditation practice. I will also guide you through a powerful mediation and provide you with an overview of different ways to get started with your own meditation practice and create a routine that you will actually WANT to follow through with every day.

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From Self Sabotage to Self Discipline

Do you have big dreams, but just can’t seem to get there?  You’ve likely got some self sabotaging behaviours that you just aren’t realizing are stopping you.  From avoiding the “big things” you need to do, to spiralling down into thinking that derails you from taking any action, in this presentation you’ll learn the to self sabotaging patterns and what’s really happening behind the scenes.  By the end of the session, you’ll know your biggest block and strategies for how to move through it.

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Develop Your Intuition Through Dowsing & Oracle Cards


We’re all intuitive. It’s simply a skill we can learn and practice. With the help of a pendulum and oracle cards, you will learn how to become aware of how your intuition, your soul and the universe communicate with you. In this interactive three-hour workshop, you will be given an overview of how to dowse, specifically using a pendulum, and how to work with oracle cards for daily guidance. The intention of this workshop is for you to discover how these tools can help you interpret messages and signals from your body, heart and mind.  

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