There was a conversation today in the Intuition Game, where someone was getting antsy about things not coming together now, when she wanted to know the answers.
I know the feeling.  I certainly have been frustrated many times in the past because I didn’t know what was going on.  It takes a lot to let go of control and go with the flow… something that took me years to figure out.
Yet, until you learn the art of surrender, you will continue to block magic from your life.
Don’t push… let go.
Here’s a story of one of my most magical experiences and what you could do instead.
Several years ago I went on an incredible trip called Awesomeness Fest.
Over 2000 people were interviewed, about 600 people invited and 250 people attended. These were people who are up to AWESOMENESS in the spiritual and business world.
There was a list of people who were attending.  Several people were integral to my personal journey and I was excited and nervous to meet them. I really WANTED to meet them.  Yet, I decided to play a game instead.
I put the list away and said- ok universe, I’m here and present and I’m ready to have an fantastic time. Connect me with all of the most amazing people I need to connect with.
I didn’t push, I didn’t try to get in with anyone. And the universe connected me with both people, with no effort on my part. It was amazing. I even did a joint venture with one of them too a few years ago.
Plus I made some incredible new friends that are so very dear to me still today.
When you are focused on one particular outcome, you are creating resistance to the many possibilities that may be even better for you if you let the universe co create with you.
Stop pushing and start allowing.
May magic flow to you always <3

Photo Credit William Farlow