2020 Intuitive Business Planning Workshop

Date: Tuesday, January 28th

Time: 9:30 am-4:00 pm

Location:  ThinkSpot Burlington, Ontario  (Lowville)


Kick off 2020 powerfully with an Intuitive Business Plan

Are you unconsciously sabotaging your success by spending aimlessly in your business?

Instead of wasting time and money in your business create a plan!

Operating your business without a plan to guide you is kind of like going to the grocery store without a list and impulsively throwing things in your shopping cart – stuff you didn’t really need. Whether it was something that was on sale, or a last minute add on at the check out.

Then there’s guilt that sets in, beating yourself up for the wasted money, the extra calories consumed, or things sitting in the back of the cupboard that you don’t end up using, and not having enough money for the things that you really want!

You can prevent doing this in your business!

When you move forward in your business without a plan and without any targets in mind, you are making your life more difficult than necessary, adding unwanted stress and confusion to your life.

You sit with your stomach in knots wasting time in “I don’t know land” because you constantly need to figure out how to prioritize and where to invest your money.

Stop wasting time constantly trying to figure things out!

Focus your energy. Create a plan, save time and money because you are not saying Yes to things to be nice, instead of saying yes because you know the opportunity takes you closer to your target and how you want to live.

Change the pattern. Do something different. Stop getting in your own way.

Join us for a full day 2020 Intuitive Business Planning Intensive Workshop to filter through all of your amazing ideas and prioritize what you need to do first!

**Register by Tuesday, December 31st for a special bonus 30 minute session one on one with Jennifer Lyall (value $137.50)**

For just $697 Early bird before January 21st  Use Coupon Code EarlyBIZ
(value over $1500!!)


Payment plan for Early bird 2 x $375

$797 January 23 – January 26th

Payment plan 2 x $425

(One payment now, next payment in 30 days)

One on One sessions also available.

Create a 2020 plan Plus a framework for the next 1-3 years. And most importantly, create a plan that is in alignment with your values and how you want to live.

Are you ready to commit to growing in the most magical way this year??

In this workshop, you will:

♥ Review all of your amazing ideas, tune into the energy of them and prioritize them.
♥ Create a 2020 plan that is in alignment with your values and how you want to live.
♥ Understand the foundation of your business and how to move forward in the next 3-5 years.


You’ll walk away with a confident plan and tools to help you make decisions throughout the year that help you reach your targets!

Have the most profitable and productive 2020, register for the 2020 Intuitive Business Planning Workshop today!

Delicious Lunch is included ♥

I believe in you! The investment you make in your business you will likely recover with saved time and money, since you’ll be making more focused decisions in your business!

Feel empowered in your Business.



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