High Vibe Business Connections

Date: Fridays:  

February 12th

March 12th

April 9th

Time: 10:00 am-12:00 pm EST

Location:  Online

Are you craving connection with other ambitious entrepreneurs who are spiritually focused and uplevelling in their business?  You’re not alone! When you surround yourself with other amazing people who are curious and committed to being the best version of themselves, you’ll notice an expansion of your own potential.

These monthly sessions include:

  • Business Teaching with a spiritual focus to help you expand personally and professionally
  • Energy Clearing, helping you to let go of stories and patterns that are holding you back
  • Business Connections & conversations around the business teaching – learn about each other’s businesses and the beautiful soul behind the business.
  • Laser coaching if time permits


February- Mastering Your Energy to Boost Productivity & Manifestation

March – Intuitive Business Decision Making

April – From Scattered to Focused Prioritizing Your Ideas


Join us!

Energy exchange:

$50 per session or

Register for 3 sessions for $140 single payment or $47.50 per session (recurring payment per month) 

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