Gifts for the Soul

Is your soul craving some extra TLC?

You’ve come to the perfect place.  Choose from these amazing gifts for your soul:

Receive Guidance:  Soul Reading

Need clarity on understanding what to do next in your career, relationships or spiritual path?

Let Jennifer tune in to your soul and to provide you with the messages your soul is aching to share with you. She acts as an interpreter for the voice of your soul, giving you the insights you need to move forward.

You’ll leave your session with a clear insight on what to do next and a spiritual prescription on how you can be the best you to make it all happen effortlessly.

Your session will take place by phone or Video Conference call Tuesday-Friday 10am-3:00pm.

$80 value


Book your session here, using Coupon Code:  BLISS18

Go Within:  Connect with your Soul

Connect to U Self  Discovery Program

This one of a kind spiritual program will show you:

  • How easy it can be to get unstuck in your life with my proven and simple method that you can use daily
  • How to shift from pleasing others, begin plagues by self doubt to believing in your intuition, allowing you to finally have fun, trust and enjoy your relationships.
  • How you can change gears from figuring things out in your head to intuitively knowing how to successfully have a career in helping others – and LOVING it!
  • And how to finally feel that you are enough.

This powerful experience is a  online Self Discovery Program that you experience from the comfort of your own home.Connect to U_Vert

  1. At the beginning of your session: You are also invited to do some self-reflection before your session.
  2. Karma Clearing: I will help clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential. This energy cleaning can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and can be used in your daily practice.
  3. Your Soul Connection Meditation: This delightful and sacred meditation will support you in moving forward powerfully on your path. It is a descriptive creative visualization that invites your soul out to play to bring you to a peaceful, magical and connected feeling.
  4. Connect to U Journal: This journal will help you observe how your life transforms beautifully over the passing days and weeks after the Connect to U  experience. Journalling brings you present to what is happening in your life and gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successes and acknowledge areas to work on.

$197 Value

Use Promo Code:  BLISS18

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Develop Your Intuition eCourse

Our Intuition is like the language of the soul.  And just like any other language you can learn how to interpret how your soul speaks to you!

In this online eCourse, you’ll learn how to use a Pendulum and Oracle cards to help you develop your intuition, with step by step videos and a guidebook with written instructions, charts and examples.

You’ll learn the many ways you can use these tools in your life, for:
* getting insight on your annual or quarterly business plan
* prioritizing your to do list
* selecting camps for your kids
* discovering the best locations for your workshops
* planning what courses you want to take
* deciding what to wear to create an impact at events
* knowing what type of detox is right for you
* know what supplements to take to help you or your loved ones get over a cold

The session will cover:

* how to choose a pendulum
* picking your custom necklace/pendulum
* how to program your pendulum
* how to ask questions
* how to use a ray chart
* when is the best time to dowse

Oracle Cards:
* What are Oracle Cards:
* how to pick your deck
* how to use them daily to get insight into your day
* how to create spreads to discover messages from the universe in different areas of your life.

Special Bliss Pricing: $22

No coupon required



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