There is something about the energy of forgiveness.

It’s gentle.



And loving.

Forgiving isn’t about admitting someone else is right.  It isn’t about you being right other.  It’s about an energy of kindness and compassion and letting go of the need to be right.

Sometimes we come across situations where we encounter people who have “wronged us” or who have thrown a lot of Hate energy our way.  It can shake you to the core.

I recently spoke to a colleague of mine, congratulating her on so many recent successes, that took a lot of hard work.  I’m truly happy for her, and I’m of the mindset that when we celebrate success, for ourselves or others, we all benefit from that high vibing energy.  She confessed to me though, that not everyone has been so supportive.  In fact, there have been a lot of haters that have been sending her so much bad energy that it was bringing her to her knees and taking a lot for her to get past it.

I was so surprised by this. It just doesn’t make any sense to me, but I’m not living in those other people’s shoes.

And that’s the thing about forgiveness.  We don’t know what’s going on for someone that may have them acting the way that they are.  They may be in deep emotional turmoil and that has them reacting in such a party pooper kind of way.

The thing is, when we let the Debbie Downer’s of the world rain on our parade, we are taking on their energy.  And that doesn’t help us, or them.  In fact, it fuels their low vibes.

The cure for everyone is forgiveness. 

Even if “they don’t deserve it”  you do. 

The longer you are tied into that jealous, hate energy, the longer you are dragged down by it unnecessarily.

So, how do you forgive someone who has been so hurtful or hateful to you and your business.

The Power of LOVE.

Send them love, my friend. Clearly they need it.  And as you find the strength inside of you to send them love, it builds up a huge stockpile of love for you!  This creates a high vibing platform for you to take your next step!

See! It’s a win-win!

Here are a few steps you can take to energetically cut those ties, and beam loving forgiveness to them:

  • Close your eyes and imagine that other person tethered to you by an energetic tie. They may look like they are floating up and around you, like a helium balloon on a string.  Then cut the string, with love. Breathe deep.  And watch them float away.
  • While they are floating away, recite the Hawaiian prayer of forgiveness Ho’oponopono (you can say these phrases in whichever order feels good to you):
    • I love you (sending them love)
    • I’m sorry(I’m sorry for any part I may have in this discord)
    • Please forgive me (forgive me for my contribution to this situation)
    • Thank you (thank you for the opportunity to grow and expand from this experience)
  • Continue to recite the poem until you feel complete.

You can do this exercise a several times, until you feel lighter and like you’ve found a way to forgive them.

As you clear away this low vibing energy with forgiveness, you will notice a shift in the energy of your business. Things will get easier and flow better again.

Have you encountered difficult situations where you have had to forgive someone?

How did you work through it?


Photo by Lina Trochez on Unsplash