Because of her guidance, I created & GREW a soul-based business, in a global pandemic.
Jennifer’s support and mentorship provided me the building blocks to create & grow, my soul-based, start-up business, online. As a new Entrepreneur, I had just started an in-person service business 4 months prior to working with Jennifer and was a complete newbie to the online space. I received guidance, wisdom, support, nurturing and direction from Jennifer, that helped me create a new online & in-person business, from scratch….just one year ago!

Truthfully, it wasn’t only a business that was created….I had left the corporate world, and did a 180 in my entire life. I was also re-created! Jennifer’s mentorship guided me through one of the most pivotal points in my life; because of her guidance, I created & GREW a soul-based business, in a global pandemic.

I participated in Jennifer’s “Ready To Be Seen” program, “Intuitive Business Master Mind”, a Morning Connection program, and most significantly, with Jennifer in her 1:1 Mentorship.
The tools I learned from each of these program and in most significantly in her 1:1 Mentorship, were the foundational blocks to align my head, heart and soul in the same direction & gave me the confidence to move forward.

It was Jennifer’s belief in my ability to create and grow a business, long before I believed in myself, that was the fuel to launching this rocket! Connecting the vision of what I wished to create, and grounding it in the real world, would have taken a LOT longer if I hadn’t been under Jennifer’s mentorship.

When you work with Jennifer you receive intuitive guidance, practical to-do’s and wisdom that will literally shape your future, if you take the action.

I am blessed & grateful to have been Mentored by Jennifer, to have met so many wonderful Woman during our time together and to proudly share with you today, “yeah, I’m the CEO of a growing, prosperous, soul-based business” 💕

I highly recommend Jennifer’s mentorship & guidance if you’re in a new season of business, or creating one from scratch! This work isn’t meant to be done alone, and Jennifer’s mentorship is the perfect place to begin!

Eternally grateful for you Jennifer <3
Sara McCready, CEO, Illuminated Joy