Noticeable Progress

I wasn’t sure what to expect when we started our group. My previous experiences with coaching was very formal and not as successful as I’d hoped. I had never tried a group such as we were starting.

After a few months I felt different. Better. More open. More grounded. More peaceful. Jennifer brought structure and freedom at the same time which allowed for organic conversation and noticeable progress.

Each month we knew we were moving forward. We knew we were changing. Her incredible energy during our reflection exercises allowed me to eventually melt in to it and reflect back just as passionately.

Overall, I am grateful. I am changed. I am energized. Why? Because Jennifer helps you see what’s possible. She allows you to grow in to it at your own pace. She also brings things to your attention that might make you uncomfortable at first but as you ponder you see how change can only bring growth.

Thank you Jennifer!