“I discovered I was mad at my business because I let my work encapsulate my life. I’ve been carving out more time for myself. And I shifted from “get things done fast” to calm down and slow down and get things done just as quickly. Now,...

Daniele Weil

First sale before I even started! Maybe there is something to this energy stuff after all ;-)


I’ve had my biggest year yet… with my new outlook expecting success. The experience of the Ready To Be Seen program+ Expect Success has made such a huge shift in the way I think about life and business. I have had my biggest year in business yet and so...


When I look back to when we started working together, I feel so much more confident now. This has been most beneficial mentoring experience I’ve ever had.


“Thank you so much Jennifer! Today’s session was so valuable and I cannot wait to get started. I feel like I have a direction now and I can stop spinning my wheels. I’m looking forward to a very successful quarter. Thanks again for your wisdom and...