Develop Your Intuition Through Dowsing and Oracle Cards

Date: Sunday, July 14th

Time: 1:00 pm- 4:00 pm

Location:  Mississauga, Ontario

This is a fun, hands-on 3 hour session exploring how to use dowsing and Oracle cards to help you develop your intuition and gain insight and clarity. You’ll be working with these tools throughout the session, so you’ll jump right in and practice what you’re learning.

Your teacher is the magical, Jennifer Lyall, Intuitive Business Mentor and Spiritual Teacher. Jennifer’s passion is teaching people to connect with their soul, serving female entrepreneurs who are ready to expand their vibration to up level in their business attracting better clients and amazing opportunities to make more impact and more income.

Jennifer is a 3rd generation energy healer who has been working with energy since she was 4 years old and dowsing since 2010. This is her absolute favourite workshop. It’s always so fun to see people dowsing for the first time and developing their confidence with trusting their intuition.

All participants will receive a custom Love Your Vibe Divinely Inspired Bling Necklace/Pendulum, handcrafted by wonderful Elvira V. Hopper. As she creates each beautiful piece, Elvira channels ALL of the high vibing energy from her amazing gifts as a Miracle Mindset Coach, Inspirational Speaker & Artistic Healer ♡ Spirit totally runs the show…so you WILL be served to your next level of greatness…to your highest & best through all of her divine gifts on this fun, special & sacred very UNIQUE afternoon ☆ And that just may include a musical surprise ♥

beautiful pendulum necklaces hand crafted by Elvira Hopper

You’ll learn the many ways you can use these tools in your life, like:
* getting insight on your annual or quarterly business plan
* prioritizing your to do list
* selecting camps for your kids
* discovering the best locations for your workshops
* planning what courses you want to take
* deciding what to wear to create an impact at events
* knowing what type of detox is right for you
* know what supplements to take to help you or your loved ones get over a cold

The session will cover:

Dowsing:Success Dowsing
* How to choose a pendulum
* A handcrafted Love Your Vibe Necklace/Pendulum, made with love by Elvira Hopper
* How to program your pendulum
* How to ask questions
* How to use a ray chart
* When is the best time to dowse

Oracle Cards:
* What are Oracle Cards:
* How to pick your deck
* How to use them daily to get insight into your day
* How to create spreads to discover messages from the universe in different areas of your life.

Oracle Cards will be on hand to try and available for purchase.

Sessions is hosted by Jennifer Lyall & Elvira Hopper  

Limited space!!!!

Location to be provided upon registration. (west Mississauga, Ontario)





Early bird registration:  

$50 + HST Available until July 7th, then $60

Use Coupon Code: JulyEarly

You will receive a custom pendulum at the event with your registration

After early bird: $60

Class is limited to 8 participants in person


New Virtual Option!

Want to participate, but can’t make it to Mississauga?  You can join us virtually by video conference call.  You’ll receive the live teaching and all of the handouts.  You have 2 options:

Register for the Virtual Workshop only  $30

You’ll need to bring your own pendulum and deck of Oracle cards to the workshop and I’ll teach you how to use them.  You’ll have the handout before the workshop with instructions on how to pick your tools.



Register for the Virtual Workshop + Custom Necklace/Pendulum $60 (includes shipping)

Elvira Hopper will contact you to custom make your Love Your Vibe Necklace/Pendulum and will send it to you.  Within Canada you should receive your necklace in about a week, in the US, it may take longer.  Please be sure to allow enough time for your Necklace/Pendulum to arrive before the workshop, or have a pendulum on hand to use during the workshop.  This option is available in North America only.


Here’s what you can experience:

I LOVED every moment of it – so much learning and so well explained that it was easy to understand and apply

Thank YOU SO much Jennifer and Elvira! What an amazing workshop! It has opened a whole new world of opportunities for me! I am dowsing for everything now, small things such as what I should wear to bigger things especially for my work! I LOVED every moment of it – so much learning and so well explained that it was easy to understand and apply! If anyone is considering to take this workshop – I highly highly recommended it – don’t think twice just go for it!

Huma Haider CH, RTT, Mississauga
Certified Hypnotist, Rapid Transformational Therapy Practitioner

Barb GeiselI saw results immediately!  And I now attract more spiritual clients and teach them how to dowse and use cards to find love!

I am so grateful I met Jennifer Lyall and attended her workshop on Dowsing and Tarot Card reading.  I had already been reading cards for myself, but found a new passion for it when Jennifer introduced me to the beautiful Osho Zen deck.  I didn’t have any luck on the dowsing while I was there, but quickly found the right pendulum at home.

I saw results immediately when everyone in attendance dowsed for me and all got the same answer without even knowing my question!  Since then, I dowse daily and seek guidance from the cards daily.  I’m on a new entrepreneurial journey and both card reading and dowsing have become such an important part of my success.  They help me to be true to myself and aware of the steps I should be taking on my path to helping people find love.

Around this same time, I started to attract more spiritual clients.  I even use dowsing and Romance Angel cards in our sessions, to guide them in the right way.  So, not only have these skills helped me, but they also help me to help my clients find love!  I am grateful to Jennifer for introducing me to these new tools in my kit.  Thank you Jennifer!

Barb Geisel

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