Develop Your Intuition E-Course

Ready to build your intuitive muscle?

Learn how to use a pendulum and Oracle cards as
training tools to help you better understand your Intuition.

This program includes over 60 minutes of content with 16 videos
into easy to digest sections so you can go as quickly as you want,
plus a detailed step-by-step guidebook covering:


  • What is Dowsing?
  • How is Dowsing Used?
  • Common Dowsing Tools
  • How to Pick your Dowsing Tool
  • Staring to Dowse
  • Programming your Pendulum
  • When is the Best Time to Dowse
  • Sample Dowsing Questions
  • How to Dowse When You are Attached to the Outcome
  • How Dowsing Helps you Develop Your Intuition

Oracle Cards:

  • What are Oracle Cards?
  • What’s the difference between Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards and Wisdom Cards?
  • How Do Oracle Cards Work?
  • How to Find the Best Deck For You
  • How to Use Oracle Cards
  • How to Interpret Messages from the Cards
  • How to use Oracle Cards daily to get Insight into your Day
  • How to Create Spreads to Discover Messages from the Universe in Different Areas of your Life
  • How Oracle Cards Help you Develop Your Intuition

“Jennifer’s Develop Your Intuition course is very hands on. Her bubbly positive personality & interactive style keep the course interesting. What I love most about Jennifer is her huge heart. She really cares about people & facilitating them in finding & developing their own gifts.”

Puja Malani, Toronto, Canada

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