Connect to U Self Discovery Program

What could your life look like if you lived it connected to your soul, intuitively knowing what to do?

How much ease could you experience if you knew your soul’s purpose?

The intention of Connect to U is to connect the soul with the heart and mind and invite the ego to take a break, allowing you to more easily distinguish the voice of the soul and follow its guidance.

This is a sacred spiritual program that was divinely given to Jennifer in 2011. This downloadable Self Discovery program will Connect you with your True Self and help you to discover your soul’s purpose.

You’ll receive everything you need to deep dive on this journey within. The Karma clearing meditation is an active meditation that clears the blocks that may be preventing you from reaching your highest potential. This energy cleaning can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and can be used in your daily practice.

The Your Soul Connection Meditation is a delightful and sacred meditation will support you in moving forward powerfully on your path. It is a descriptive creative visualization that invites your soul out to play to bring you to a peaceful, magical and connected feeling.

Use the Connect to U Journal to help you observe how your life transforms beautifully over the passing days and weeks after the Connect to U experience. Journaling brings you present to what is happening in your life and gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successes and acknowledge areas to work on.

The program includes:

  • Welcome and Guidebook to lead you through the process.
  • Journal to capture your journey
  • Karma Clearing Meditation
  • Your Soul Connection Meditation
  • Videos & exercises to develop your intuition
  • Lifetime access to this program

“I felt immediate, tangible physical and energetic effects from the energy clearing. Jennifer’s Connect To U came to me at exactly the right time in my life. I left confidently connected to my life’s purpose and committed to a path and action plan.”

Ramona Ng, Toronto, Canada

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