In a world where everyone is feeling anxious and uncertain, it can be challenging to get through the day. With so many different perspectives, stories and interpretations of information, it can be hard to distinguish what is true and what to do.  Despite all of this outside energy coming at us, we still have control over how we navigate our own little world, both inner world and outer world.  And you may be surprised to learn that a shift in your experience is only moments away when you Check Your Inner BatteryTM

In the last eight months I’ve taught almost 10,000 people how to Check Your Inner BatteryTM  with My Energy CheckTM system. The audience has ranged from Moms managing a new life at home with their kids learning remotely to entrepreneurs who have had to pivot in their business to keep their passion alive.

And despite the chaos going on outside, they have learned how to find the calm within.  And this simple step has helped them to move through these times with more compassion, innovation and productivity than they thought may be possible.  All because they are taking responsibility for how they are showing up, by checking their inner battery.

You see, when our inner battery is depleted, we tend to feel tired, achy, grumpy or fearful, our thoughts may be running on repeat, spiralling down with frustration.  When we take action from that way of being, it tends to create more of the same in our world.

Think about people who emotionally eat.  They reach for something to make them feel better.  But that food tends to actually be sugar laden or caffeine driven to give a false spike in energy, and doesn’t really transform the mood or perspective.

When we take the time to check our inner battery, and if it’s low, then boost our energy with an action that has been scientifically proven to help us feel better, whether it’s laughing, dancing, walking or being in nature, we cultivate a better inner world, which spills over into creating a better outer world.

The actions we take when our inner battery is full leads to more focus, being kinder, more creative and it’s easier to get the job done, so we’re more productive too.  This helps to make us more confident and also expands our inner awareness.  As the good energy habit is created, you turn on what psychologists call Active Awareness.  This is a sense of expanded self awareness in the moment.  And it also helps you to recognize what’s going on in others as well, and act with more compassion.

Regularly checking your inner battery also helps to heighten your intuition.  As you have a stronger sense of what’s happening within yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and checking-in multiple times a day, you begin to recognize the different ways your intuition speaks to you.

International lecturer, researcher and author, Dr. Joe Dispenza says “When you change your energy, you change your life.”

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What is My Energy CheckTM ?

My Energy CheckTM is a simple energy awareness tool that makes wellness a habit. My Energy CheckTM teaches mindfulness in action. It’s based on Jennifer’s broad research, training and experience, which includes: meditation, energy work, breathing techniques, gratitude, nature immersion, journaling and intuition.