What are you bringing to your business?

Have you ever witnessed people who seem to have a sixth sense about business? They are very grounded, make decisions swiftly yet thoroughly, and seem to maneuver their way through the business world with ease and great success. They appear to have the instincts of a cheetah, knowing when to leap into action, and when to hang back and wait. They operate with focus and passion.

Do you wish you could bring more of these skills and talents into your life and business?

You can definitely learn these skills. While some people appear to be born with these skills, it really is about working through many experiences, continual learning and evolving into a place of confidence, integrity and passion.

You are the foundation of your business, so it is vitally important that you are happy, positive, healthy and nurtured in order to see the same qualities in your thriving business! The success in your career is more about who you are being in your business than what you are doing.

Are you on fire and leaping forward?

Are you open and ready to take advantage of opportunities that land in your lap?

Are you gaining courage, still getting steady on your feet but eager to start running?

Or maybe you’re curious and defining and refining what your vision is…

Wherever you are, I can give you the self-discovery and self-accountability tools to connect with your soul and your internal Truth Detector so you can confidently step into your rockstar self and start living your full potential — the life of your dreams!

What is a Truth Detector?

As a Truth Detector, I actively listen to what you say, paying soulful attention to the energy of your words; the vibration of the words themselves, the emotion behind them and how you say them. I’m able to distill your genuine truth down to just a few of your words. It’s uncanny! You can actually feel the resonance, the connection of the core idea, that truth within your soul.
I also provide you with tools and exercises to develop your intuition and learn how to listen to your own truth detector. This helps you stay on track for living your truth.

“While working with Jennifer…my business immediately began to thrive!

I am grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Jennifer Lyall and her Soul-ful Business Visioning Group Coaching Program. Jennifer was wonderful at supporting me to turn inwards to clearly define what my true business passion is and it has been an incredible experience to have a clearer focus for my current work and empower to feel new motivation to take the necessary steps to move myself forward into my ideal business direction.

While working with Jennifer, not only did I feel like I was thriving more personally and as a business woman, but my business immediately began to thrive more as well! Jennifer’s gentle and vibrant presence makes her a delight to work with. Business work does not have to be dull and boring!”

Jennifer Kaster ~ Naturopathic Doctor

Business Soul-utions can help you...

Follow your passion and use it as a benchmark for decision making

Create a vision for you and your business, encompassing ALL areas of your life

Ground your ideas, cut through clutter and get clear on what you really want

Be happier in your daily life and watch your business thrive

Build your instinctive muscle to guide you along the way

One-on-One Coaching Programs

Business Soul-utions Clarity Program — 3 Month Coaching Program

Are you an entrepreneur who is getting started, in transition, or ready to go big?   I can help you truly understand if it is time for you to walk forward, pause or walk away from a project.

The intention is to bring you out of the fog and into the clearing so you can see your way forward.  This program is all about you, discovering what you really want, what’s important to you and how to successfully move forward.

For three months we will build, support and nurture the foundation for your business — you! And gain clarity on the soul of your business and how it is aching to be expressed in the world.

We will focus on:

  • Getting clarity for how your business wants to be shared with the world- understanding your soul’s purpose.
  • Creating focus in your business, prioritizing the projects that have the best energy, and how to implement them in a manner that honours your values.
  • Connecting with your internal Truth Detector, to facilitate decision making.
This program includes 7 sessions:
1. Connect to U session
This unique process is foundational for the rest of the Business Clarity Program.  This connects you with your soul, so you can more easily understand your soul’s purpose and listen to your soul’s guidance for how to fulfill it. It is a two-hour session (in person or virtual) that includes energy clearing and a sacred ceremony to connect your soul with your heart and your mind to allow you to more easily hear your intuition.  
This is deep and powerful, it will shift your awareness to a new level.
Access to the online  Connect to U Self Discovery Program is also provided.
2. Business Clarity Session
2-3 hours in-person or virtually
Using meditation, creative visualization and intuitive drawing, we’ll create the perfect structure for your business which will help you understand:
  • Where to focus your attention
  • Your personal needs and values that need to be met in order to bring your vision to life
  • Prioritizing how to move forward
  • Links to community that will help you be successful/fulfilled personally and professionally

3. Create Your Springboard – Intentional living with the Power of Focus

  • In this powerful session we will create a visual representation of you, including the feelings about what you are stepping into
  • Gain clarity and direction about where you are going in your business
  • Begin to attune to how you feel when you are fully empowered
Sessions 4-7
1 hour sessions that will support you energetically, with clarity, guidance, teaching, whatever it is that you need that day, we’ll work through to help build that foundation for an awesome year ahead.

Calls are scheduled Weekly or Bi-Weekly.  


“Through Jennifer’s One-on-One Spiritual Business Coaching session, she was able to distill the energy that I need to convey in my business. The words Heart, Fun and Transformation came through loud and clear. I felt empowered and it enabled me to apply to to my business by being clear on my mindset and shifting my emotions into manifesting my desired outcome.”

Susan Kirschilling ~ Slimming With Us

Business Clarity Session Intensive

Do you have too many ideas and not enough time?

Do you feel overwhelmed because you don’t know where to start?

What if you could understand the energy of your ideas and discover how to easily prioritize them?  

In a 3 hour Business Clarity Session, I can help you tune in to the energy of your ideas, and show you which ones are most in alignment with your soul’s purpose and how you want to live your life. We will also prioritize the opportunities and discover how they will fit together, creating a timeline for moving forward.

This is a great way to create your project plan for the year ahead!

This 3 hour session includes:


Visualize your Best life & Develop a Structure for Your Business

  • Visualize your best life!
  • Get clear on what makes you happy.
  • Understand what your magic is- what is unique about you and your offerings
  • What is the natural structure for your Business and what do you focus on first?


“Jennifer’s magic happens as soon as she walks in the room.  Her blissful energy i amazing and she invited me to play with her.  I didn’t know what to expect in the Business Clarity Session or how it was going to unfold but I trusted her.  I knew she is gifted and I was allowing myself to tap into my untold secrets.

With her fantastic wisdom, she let herself be intuitively guided and started to ask me various questions.  I was relaxed and open to the possibilities and what to come out of this process was absolutely amazing.  With her help my blank canvas started to take form, a structure and service offerings for my business became clearer.

I now have a vision of where I can start and I trust that along the way things are going to be revealed to me.  I just need to do the first steps and let the magic happen.

Thank you Jennifer for your generosity and for helping me to envision my new business.  Your talents and your passion to support people are greatly appreciated by everyone who has the pleasure to be in your presence.”

France, Burlington, Ontario

New Entrepreneur





“I would highly recommend your program to anyone that feels “stuck” in their business.

Thank you Jennifer for an amazing journey through your Soulful Business Visioning Program! I have gained an understanding of how my past thought patterns and habits were hindering my success and now feel truly ready to embrace my passion and move my business forward. I am confident that the powerful message and tools you’ve provided will keep me on track. I’m getting out of my own way to start moving my ideas into action.”

Susan Schroeter ~ Lean on Me Nutrition

Group Program

Soul-stirring Mastermind

This is a Mastermind group like you’ve never experienced before!  It is a special circle of heart-centred, high-vibing, soul-ful friends who are living with intention; each one deliberately investing in themselves to create extraordinary experiences in their lives. This group comes together weekly to refill with rocket-fuel for their awesomeness.

Each 1.5 hour video conference call magically blends science, positive psychology, high vibrations and visualization techniques to create the future you are walking towards. These dynamic calls help you create the energy and foundation for incredible new opportunities to come in to your life, building more and more momentum each day.

The 10 week curriculum is your springboard for success. Supporting you in consciously focusing your energy and intention on living your Truth, which is to live your life fully expressed and on fire. Teachings, conversations and exercises will keep your energy high and focused on manifesting and attracting the opportunities to fulfill your dreams and desires. This Mastermind is for you if you are ready to expand your radiance, be who you are meant to be and share your magic with the world.

There is an interview process to ensure that you are a good fit for this group.


Next Program begins in 2019  Would you like to be notified when the program details are available?


Sessions are offered by Skype, phone or in person, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-3pm. I am located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada), which is easily accessible from the west Greater Toronto Area including Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterdown, Ancaster, Acton, Milton, Stoney Creek and Bronte.  

Upcoming Program

Soul-stirring Mastermind

NEXT 14 WEEK PROGRAM begins 2019


“Business Soul-utions has left a profound impact on my personal and business life.

Thank you so much for all the love, support, encouragement, tools and incredible energy that you have blessed us with over the last 6 weeks. I have so enjoyed our time together in the Soulful Business Visioning  group coaching program and all the things I learned.

The tools and videos you shared with us are wonderful and very helpful.

Many profound insights have shifted things within me and are moving me and my business in a more crystalized direction.”

Inga B. ~ Pathway to Bliss

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