About Me

I’m Jennifer Lyall

Intuitive Business Mentor and Chief Energy Optimizer.

I’m fascinated with energy. When we take responsibility for how we are showing up, the energy that we bring to our life, we live life from a different perspective.

Life doesn’t just happen to us, it happens in response to us (ever get mad and yell at someone, only to have the energy reflected back to you?) Being intentional about how you live takes focus and awareness, which can be a big shift if you’ve been going through the motion of your life, or if you have a level of awareness, but you’ve been too busy to pause and understand who you’re being in the moment.

I help conscious entrepreneurs gain clarity, focus and trust their intuition so they can bring their million dollar ideas to life and scale to their next level in business, doing what they love.

I work with entrepreneurs around the world to believe in their magic and multiply their income launching new offers and charging their worth.

I’m on a mission to teach 1 million people how to Check Their Inner Battery as often as they check their phone battery, and I’ve reached over 50,000 through radio and podcast interviews, presenting on corporate stages, webinars and summits. Soon, I’ll be launching my certification program to spread the word.

My Background

First the logical side

I have a Bachelor of Commerce with Honours from Ryerson University and I worked in Marketing and Event Planning the Corporate and Not-for-Profit worlds for over 15 years. My family has their own business and I’ve been immersed in the entrepreneurial world since I was a babe.

I started my business in 2008, with a focus on wellness, which shifted into encompass spirituality in 2012. I’ve grown my business online, expanded my team, been through dozens of launches. I’ve been through the joys and frustrations of being an entrepreneur… of wanting to do it all, and understanding what isn’t my genius, and outsourcing what doesn’t bring me joy.

I’ve helped amazing entrepreneurs who are reaching for their first six figures to uplevel their offers and create/implement plans to reach their goals.

And I’ve mentored multi-six figure and million dollar entrepreneurs to master their energy, mindset and awareness to confidently step into the next level of leadership to evolve their business.

Spiritual Side

Spiritual gifts have been in my family for several generations. I began to tap into my gifts of understanding and interpreting energy in 2010. I discovered meditation, dowsing, oracle cards, crystals and many different spiritual teachings. In 2011 through automatic writing I was given my own modality, Connect to U. It started with stick drawings and a script for a guided meditation, and a nudge from the universe to do a case study. That was my training for working with energy, and in the process I realized that I had actually been working with energy since I was 4 years old. I just hadn’t realized it. Connect to U has now been experienced in 7 countries around the world!

I bring many modalities into my work with clients (meditation, energy clearing, movement, sound, breathing techniques, tapping, visualization ++), tuning in to what is best of service to them.

So What Exactly Do I Do?

I blend intuition with business strategy to help conscious entrepreneurs reach their six figure goals with ease. What I do is hard to put into words…


3 things

I really do:

Million dollar decisions

 I have helped million dollar entrepreneurs make some of the most important decisions of their life using the best decision making tool available – their gut instinct. Using my signature program program she helps connect the wisdom of your three minds (logical, emotional and intuitive) so that you never doubt your inner guidance again.

Tuning in to You

I help ambitious women get clear, focused and productive in a way that makes their heart sing. My genius is tuning in to the energy of ideas, people, places and situations to help you prioritize in your business and create a plan for moving forward.

Inner Battery Check

Energy is everything. As a long time energy worker and intuitive, not only do I read your energy, but I teach you how to master yours giving you more confidence and stronger boundaries. You start to live your life as the True You.

What you’ll notice as you work with me

An expansion in your potency, efficiency and intuition as you master your energy, allowing you to confidently make those million dollar decisions and quantum leaps.

A heightened intuition.

A depth of clarity and focus you’ve been craving, allowing you to scale to the next level doing what you love.
An abundance of opportunities, partnerships and clients flowing in because you’ve elevated your authority.

You finally give yourself permission to boldly share your magic and your uniqueness knowing it’s what the world needs.

Relationships flourish as you take responsibility for how your showing up.
A deep level of trust within yourself, others and the universe that exceeds your wildest dreams.
A love and zest for life that you didn’t know you could experience.

Learn more about the
Intuitive Business Mentoring Programs I offer.

Are you a visionary entrepreneur who wants to reach your next six figure goal? Through my 1:1 mentorships and group programs I can help you create exponential growth and abundant success. These programs are for leaders who are ready to give yourself permission to commit to you, the impact you’re here to make and the leader you need to be to do it.

I am available as a guest speaker for your special event. I provide a range of topics to inspire your audience.

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