Jennifer-LyallI’m Jennifer Lyall; Spiritual Mentor, Intuitive Teacher and Authentic Living Guide and Founder of Connect to U.

I am wholeheartedly committed to creating a space where you can sense your highest potential and fully embrace your Truth. I’m here to guide you on this journey, and to help you check in with your internal “Truth Detector” so you can easily make decisions about your life and simply feel awesome! Connect to U is a catalyst that inspires you to take a leap of faith, go for what you really want to share with the world, and pay it forward by inspiring others to do the same. 

My background:

Spiritual gifts have been in my family for several generations.  I began to tap into my gifts of understanding and interpreting energy in 2010. I discovered meditation, dowsing, oracle cards, crystals and many different spiritual teachings. In 2011 through automatic writing I was given my own modality, Connect to U.

It started with stick drawings and a script for a guided meditation, and a nudge from the universe to do a case study.  That was my training for working with energy, and in the process I realized that I had actually been working with energy since I was 4 years old.  I just hadn’t realized it.  Connect to U has now been experienced in 6 countries around the world!

So what exactly do I do?

I help people to learn how to intuitively make decisions and get clear on what they want in their personal life and professional life. Whether it’s understanding your dreams for travelling the world, helping children, or being a shark whisperer – I help you tune in to what is deep in your soul.

And through my unique Connect to U  personal program, and Intuitive Business Clarity Program, I give you the tools to allow you to be the True You so you can achieve your heart’s desires.

And sometimes, we play with the Amethyst BioMat to support us in the process ♥

What I do is hard hard to put into words… 

to sum it up I really do 3 things:

1. I interpret Energy

Energy is a language of it’s own. It is expressed as a vibration which translates into words, things, sounds, emotions, experiences, thoughts, images….

I can tune in to energy to translate into words that a person can then digest, and gain a new perspective on things and take action from this new awareness.

It can be:
* ideas they have for their business – I can tell them which ideas have the best energy match for their soul’s purpose, and to bring the most amazing experiences into their life

* insight into relationships- why what’s going on is going on; relationships with self and others

* What to do to best develop themselves in this moment- often times just adding a little bit of self care can shift a person huge- I save people time and money and energy, by helping them to focus on what will give them the biggest results the fastest

* A desire to move to another country

* Why circumstances/problems/opportunities are showing up and the best course of action to help them with the maximize development

2. I teach about Spirituality and Developing Intuition

I LOVE teaching people about opening up and deepening their connection with themselves, LOVE, the world at large and the universe or whatever higher power they choose to believe in.

We have an innate wisdom and knowing about the world, but we’ve been conditioned on how to look at things, how to perceive things from our families, our schooling, marketing. Life is really much bigger and better than what is often being presented to us. We can follow that knowing that intuition.

I Don’t focus on a particular religion and often bring in teachings from different cultures.

It’s about the inner journey, more than the outer journey (although they do mirror each other).

The Connect to U modality is a foundation for this. This is a sacred process that Connects your physical self to your inner self- the True You- Your Soul. And it opens up the communication channels between the heart-mind-and-soul so they can work together rather than getting tangled up in the messages from the ego or the outside world.

I also teach about the basics of intuition through the Intuition Game, for people who want to understand the things they are witnessing, and connect with other heart centered people who are on the same journey.

And also through Workshops and eCourses on Dowsing and Oracle Cards.

3. I create the sacred space for you to be the True You and understand/discover/fulfill your soul’s purpose

What does this mean?  

When you have a session with me, or enter a conversation or experience with me, I interact with your soul. I see who you really are. Not just the version of you that you portray to the world.

I create the safe space for you to be able to authentically and vulnerably share your dreams, fears, desires and let you express yourself.

You are free to be heard.

You are free to be seen.

So whether you are hiding a dream to sing, or a desire to be a spiritual practitioner, an astronaut or a passion to just run your fingers through people’s hair and let them feel loved and secure…. I can help you understand where this desire is coming from and how it can be fulfilled in your life in a meaningful way, that let’s you help others and satisfy the expression of an important part of you.

I Mentor beautiful souls who are ready to step into their Truth so they can live a loving, soul based and fulfilled life.


It brings me so much joy to share the many Soul-utions I’ve created for you!

You get to pick the perfect blend of how you would like to work with me, whichever way suits your personal needs, budget and energy field. I offer wonderful workshops, deep dive one-on-one sessions, high energy group coaching programs, soul-stirring Masterminds, heart-felt books and magical online programs. You can blissfully live your Truth, simply by staying connected to your soul.


Click on an option below and let’s get started today. 

What you’ll notice as you work with me

  • A new awareness of who you are
  • Old habits and problems begin to melt away
  • Clarity about what you’re here to do
  • Feeling happier and lighter
  • Confidence to move forward
  • A deep connection with your soul
  • Heightened intuitive skills and gut instinct
  • Understanding of your gifts
  • A deepened relationship with your body, to understand what it needs and when
  • A level of trust within yourself, others and the universe that exceeds your wildest dreams
  • A love and zest for life that you didn’t know you could experience

“My reading with Jennifer was both insightful and reassuring. Her peaceful, knowing guidance confirmed that I am indeed on the right path and I am excited to use the tools she presented. A true soul connection.”

Louise N. ~ Port Hope, Canada


Are you ready for an in-depth look at your spiritual path? Do you have a taste for who you really are and want to bring more soulful magic into your everyday life? Personal Soul-utions are the choice for you. Your journey begins with the Connect to U signature program as one-on-one sessions or self discovery programs. Additional workshops, books, retreats and coaching programs compliment the Connect to U experience to help create the best you!



Are you a soulful entrepreneur who wants to bring more heart and soul to your business and career? Business Soul-utions are for you. The champions who blend spiritual practice into their businesses have the ability to create exponential growth and abundant success. You are a change-maker too. You can build a foundation of Truth for your business, enhance your instincts to take your career to a whole new level, all the while inspiring others to do the same. It’s time to live your Truth and love your business!


searching5You know that there is something more out there….for you, your life and your future. You have an inner knowing, and yet you have no idea what it is or how to learn more about it. Luckily, your soul already knows the answers and brought you here. You’ll begin to find your Truth and blossom with newfound peace and joy. Come leap into the rabbit hole of a spiritual wonderland. I will create a sacred space for you to learn, play and explore!


I am available as a guest speaker for your special event. I provide a range of topics to inspire your audience. Click here for more details.

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