Your soul has nudged you to let you know that you are sooo ready for more magic in your life! Any pain, confusion, uncertainty, or yearning you’ve been experiencing is your soul’s way of telling you that it’s time to expand and grow. Knowing what these messages mean takes time to understand, much like learning a new language — the language of the soul.  Whether you feel like you need a little direction or you’re ready to awaken your personal divine connection, I’ll be here to support you, to bring clarity, peace and connection.

What does your soul want you to know? 

As we begin, I’ll act as an interpreter for you, sharing the messages your soul wants you to hear. Then you’ll learn your soul’s language for yourself, so you can tune in to your own energy whenever you need to.  

It is so easy for us to connect.  You can work with me in person, by phone or by Skype. I’m located in the West Greater Toronto Area for one-on-one sessions, by phone in North America, or anywhere in the world via Skype. 

As you read through my services below, observe how your soul speaks to you: maybe your heart will leap, you will get goosebumps, or your eyes will widen when you discover the Personal Soul-ution that is right for you at this moment.

Go ahead and explore…

Say YES to Connect to U if...

You have a yearning or aching to discover something more

You feel lost or confused

You currently have a spiritual practice and are ready bring your of service to new heights

You have a craving to create a spiritual practice

Connect to U — Personal Program

What could you achieve in your life and business if you could:

  • Let go & listen to your inner voice for guidance on your next step, knowing your soul’s purpose (it’s easier than you think)
  • Go from “I don’t know” land to daily clarity and confidence (surprising others with your new Abundant mindset)
  • Get more done during the day and enjoy the process
  • Live life with a mindset for attracting the conditions you want in your life
  • Allow the perfect clients to come find you, for the unique skills and talents you already have and pay you the high fees you are worth to work with you.

This one of a kind spiritual program will show you:

  • How easy it can be to get unstuck in your life with my proven and simple method that you can use daily
  • How to shift from pleasing others, begin plagues by self doubt to believing in your intuition, allowing you to finally have fun, trust and enjoy your relationships.
  • How you can change gears from figuring things out in your head to intuitively knowing how to successfully have a career in helping others – and LOVING it!
  • And how to finally feel that you are enough.

Connect to U sessions are available in person, by phone (North America only) or Skype. The Connect to U — Personal Program is a special sacred experience where your soul will be set free to connect with your heart and mind and invite your ego to take a break! This experience is a personal one-on-one session with me. If you prefer to explore your soul on your own, select the Connect to U — Self Discovery Program below.

This powerful experience is a  2 hour session which includes:Connect to U_Vert

  1. At the beginning of your session: We align our energies and review what inspired you to experience Connect to U. You are also invited to do some self-reflection before your session.
  2. Karma Clearing: I will help clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential. This energy cleaning can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and can be used in your daily practice.
  3. Your Soul ConnectionMeditation: This delightful and sacred meditation will support you in moving forward powerfully on your path. It is a descriptive creative visualization that invites your soul out to play to bring you to a peaceful, magical and connected feeling.
  4. Spiritual Prescription: You will receive intuitive guidance of simple practices you can bring into your life to move forward powerfully such as routines for self-care and spiritual connection.
  5. Connect to U Journal: This journal will help you observe how your life transforms beautifully over the passing days and weeks after the Connect to U  experience. Journalling brings you present to what is happening in your life and gives you the opportunity to celebrate your successes and acknowledge areas to work on.
  6. Follow-up call: A 15-minute phone call with me to review how you are progressing, and to receive coaching and encouragement so you can stay on track.


Connect to U — Self Discovery Program

The Connect to U— Self-Discovery Program is a digital version of the Connect to U Personal Program that you can do at your convenience.  The Self Discovery Program is just as effective and powerful as the live one on one sessions and group programs.

The digital version allows you the flexibility to experience Connect to U when it is easiest for you to do so.  Simply create a sacred space within your home  and use the step-by-step guidebook and recorded meditations to facilitate your divine experience. If you prefer to work with a personal guide, select the Connect to U — Personal Program

You will access and download everything from your secure account online.  You receive lifetime access, as long as it is available to the public and you are welcome to experience Connect to U over and over again if it calls to your heart, although the first time is very powerful~

This powerful experience includes:

  1. Karma Clearing Meditation: A simple yet powerful active meditation to help clear the blocks that may be preventing you from gaining the best of your potential. This meditation can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually and can be used in your daily practice.  This meditation alone can transform your life.
  2. Your Soul Connection Meditation: This delightful and sacred meditation will support you in moving forward powerfully on your path. It is a descriptive creative visualization that invites your soul out to play to bring you to a peaceful, magical and connected feeling.

    After this sacred experience, your soul will have greater control over your life, and will more easily guide you to discover and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

  3. Connect to U Guidebook: This guidebook directs you effortlessly through the Connect to U process.  It shows you how to sit quietly with yourself after the meditations and listen to the voice of your soul. It also includes simple instructions on my unique process of self-discovery, plus valuable components and routines for self-care and maximizing spiritual connection.
  4. Connect to U Journal: You can use this journal to track your thoughts, feelings, experiences and insights for four weeks after the initial Connect to U experience (Steps 1-3). This journal will help you observe how your life transforms beautifully over the passing days and weeks.

I honour this work.  And if you complete this program and do not love it, I will provide you with a complete refund within 60 days of purchasing it. 

You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Downloadable program. Energy Investment: $197

Buy now



Spiritual Mentorship Group 2019


Sessions Offered by Phone, Skype, In Person

Sessions are offered by Skype, video conference call, phone (North America only) or in person, Tuesday-Friday, 10am-2:30pm. I am located in Burlington, Ontario (Canada), which is easily accessible from the west Greater Toronto Area including Mississauga, Oakville, Hamilton, Waterdown, Ancaster, Acton, Milton, Stoney Creek and Bronte.

Spiritual Mentorship Program: 3 months or Pure Magic VIP program

Do you yearn to go higher faster on your spiritual journey?  

Do you know you are meant to be of service to many people, but you need help fine tuning your soul’s purpose?

Do you wish you had someone to intuitively guide you, teach you and mentor you along the way?

Please consider applying for the Spiritual Mentorship Program


Be seen and heard for who you truly are.

Save time, money and energy discovering and fulfilling your soul’s purpose.  This journey is meant to be joyful… let go of the stress and know that you are in the perfect place.  Learn how to better tune in to your Intuition.  Make choices easily and confidently.

Discover how to manage your energy, so you can build momentum towards your dreams rather than putting up road blocks.  Understand how your energy impacts others- your loved ones, clients and even strangers, so you can be the best version of you in the world.

Know that you are on the right path, let go of the struggle, going back and forth trying to figure out what to do.  I guide you how to find the answers for yourself, and when you need help, I’m there for you.  You see, I connect with your soul and energy of situations, people, places, ideas and I can tell you where there is the best energetic match for who you are and your soul’s purpose.  I guide you through the fear, doubt and blocks to get you where you want to be.  But you have to be willing to go there (if the suggestions resonate with you) and take action- I can’t do the work for you.

Spiritual Mentoring is kind of like Personal Training for the Spiritual Body

The Spiritual Mentorship program begins with a Connect to U session.  This is where your heart, soul and mind come into alignment and invites the ego to take a break.  Your soul is able to more easily guide you as this important communication channel is opened up!

Your soul know what you are here to do and how to get there.  With your soul, heart and mind connected, you can listen to this guidance.  Your soul begins to guide you on the journey of discovering and fulfilling your Soul’s Purpose rather than your ego constantly beating you down.

The mentorship program is unique to you and your needs.

Included with this program are:

  • Connect to U session live (in person or via Skype) with Jennifer Lyall (1.5-2 hours)
  • Clarity session:  get clear on your values, how you want to live your life and how to move forward in your career
  • Living Intentionally:  Creating an Intention Board to focus your energy on how you want to be in your life
  • 4 additional one on one mentoring sessions-these may include energy clearing, intuitive guidance, teaching in a particular area that is of most service to you…truly whatever it is spiritually and energetically that you need to support you the day of your session.  It always works out perfectly- the timing and what we cover.
    • can be used weekly or bi-weekly over 3 months
  • Guidance, tips, tools resources for how to get started sharing your Soul’s Purpose.

If you are ready to finally share your gifts in the world, and you want to have more ease and confidence speaking your truth and being of service, this mentorship program is for you.

Not only will you get the spiritual guidance you need, but also the business support to, as I’ll share my best tips, platforms, tools and resources to help you get started and save you months of trial and error.

“While working with Jennifer not only did I feel like I was thriving more personally and as a business woman, but my business immediately began to thrive more as well! 
Jennifer’s gentle and vibrant presence makes her a delight to work with.  “

~ Jennifer Kaster, Burlington, Canada




Not sure if this is right for you?

Let’s Connect with a 15 minute session to discover what you need most right now and How I Can Support You!

YSCfavicon Apply to the Spiritual Mentorship Program


Downloadable Karma Clearing Meditation

Use this guided meditation to clear Karma from this lifetime, as well as previous and future lifetimes. This meditation can uplift and awaken you mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Energy Investment: $47 $25

During my energy sessions I love using the Amethyst BioMat. I find that my clients relax faster with the amethyst’s soothing energy, allowing us to shift, clear and cleanse on a deeper level. The BioMat’s far-infrared warmth feels really good too!  I am an Independent Sales Associate for Richway’s Biomat.

Buy your very own BioMat here!

An Hour of Clarity & Magic

Spend an hour with me to magically connect with the essence of your soul. You can choose Personal Guidance, a Soul Reading, Energy Clearing, Karma Clearing or an Eye Gazing session. If you’re not sure which option to choose, simply book an hour with me and we will decide together.  3 session and 6 session packages available

Healing words and hands

Personal Guidance Achieve your personal goals for creating a magical life! I can help you awaken to your gifts and to learn how to live the life you are meant to live: full of love and grace. I provide the tools, tips and techniques to support you in achieving your personal goals. We have all had the experience of setting goals with good intentions of following through, but then life gets in the way and we let our dreams fall by the wayside. I support you in tuning in to your true self — the one with unlimited potential to create a vision for your dream life. I combine my personal insight with intuitive instincts to provide you with new perspectives on living… Living from your soul.

“Jennifer is one of those rare souls that offers her gifts from a pure place. She is a clear conduit and tunes in effortlessly and immediately to the issues needing addressed. She offers a different perspective to whatever the issue is and gets in at the root.
We all need this on some level in our lives. We all need that outer perspective and Jennifer offers that in a unique way. “

~ Anne, Toronto, Canada

Soul Reading Receive a Soul Reading to gain insight about any area of your life: work, family, health, relationships, money,  your home, animals, loved ones, your community, education, volunteering. During your reading, I will tune in to your soul and act as an interpreter for you, sharing the messages your soul has for you. You can ask questions or for support on issues you may be working through. I am clairsentient (I receive messages through feelings) and claircognizant (a deep inner knowing).  You are welcome to record your session. At the end of the session I will leave you with recommendations to support you in the form of a Spiritual Prescription.

“I have truly enjoyed a session with Jennifer to discover my talent’s and Life’s Purpose.  Within just an hour, my spiritual direction fell into place.  Could you imagine just an hour can send you on your path for years?!  That is exactly what I experienced in an Hour of Magic with Jennifer.  She is a wonderful and gifted teacher with lots of magic to share.  So on point and direct I truly believe that booking a session with her would positively influence your journey and clear your doubts.” 

~ Anna A., London, England

Karma Clearing A Karma Clearing is a powerful energetic process that clears away Karma echoes — whether from this lifetime, future lifetimes or previous lifetimes — that are contained within the physical body or aura. The Karma that is cleared in a session is the dense energy that is holding you back from moving forward at that moment. This session can awaken and uplift you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Each session includes a personalized Spiritual Prescription to help you move forward powerfully.

“The Karma Clearing meditation is like a gift to your body! Because the meditation is such a gentle movement and stretch…it feels like a real relaxation/stretching type of meditation. My body really opens up to that.” ~ Doug, Burlington, Canada

Eye Gazing They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. For me, eye gazing is a soulful conversation without words through the energy of the eyes. It is a deep and profound level of healing. In an eye gazing session you may see faces from past lives, and feel physical and emotional releases of energy that is ready to be released. I believe that our souls speak a very special language to each other, and teachings are sometimes even exchanged simply through eye gazing, as it is still done in some remote cultures today. An eye gazing session is typically one hour which includes 30-45 minutes of eye gazing, time to connect verbally and a personalized Spiritual Prescription for moving forward. Available in person or Skype.

Not sure which option to choose? Simply book an hour with me and we will decide together.

Each session is one hour long. You can also request a 3-session or 6-session package, scheduled at times that are convenient for you. Whether sessions are offered in person or remotely, they are equally accurate.

Soul Shift Session

Soul Shift Energy SessionIn a Spiritual Funk? Feeling like you’ve fallen off track on your journey, and ready to get back to your high-vibing self? A Soul Shift session is a powerful 2 hour session that blends music, sound, sacred scents, crystals and energy clearing to let go of the energy that’s clouding you and weighing you down. Lose the overwhelm and get back to you beautiful soul-ful self and back on your path. Please be gentle on yourself for the rest of the day.  We shift big energy in this session. Note:  This session is only offered in person.

Not sure if this is right for you?

Let’s Connect with a 15 minute session to discover what you need most right now and How I Can Support You!



After one session with Jennifer… I was able to do so much more!

After my one session with Jennifer I felt this spark of energy within me. I was able to do so much more, be in the present moment and actually take it easy. Thank you Jennifer your guidance is highly appreciated 🙂

Love and energy

JK, Mississauga, Canada


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