Play the Intuition Game

Do you second guess yourself?

What would your life be like if you actually
listened to your intuition?

Would you step out of your comfort zone more and
check off your bucket list,
instead of adding to your some day list?

Would you go further in your career,
leaping forward with those amazing ideas,
paying attention to the perfect timing?

Come play the Intuition Game with me for 7 days.
Discover your intuitive senses through easy little games &
teachings in your inbox each morning.

Come and play with me! It’s free!

This will be so much fun!! By the end of the week you’ll discover:

  • The many ways your intuition speaks to you through your 6 intuitive senses
  • Your Dominant Intuitive Sense (I’ve got a cool trick to help you find out)
  • How strong your intuition already is, you just don’t realize it
  • How much more your intuition guides you when you start listening to it
  • New magical friends in the private Facebook group who are having the same questions and experiences just like you

"My intuitive practice has advanced me in other areas like clairaudience. Beyond what I had as a child. Thank you!!!"

Rain Pryor, California, USA

"I really think this is a special group. I really appreciate the open sharing and love hearing all these experiences. Thank you Jennifer."

Nicole Casavant, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"I definitely feel like I am surrendering more than I have in the past and am trusting myself to believe that this is all "real" and not just my imagination or ego. I am also trusting the signs that I am getting and not just telling myself that they are coincidences. Thanks for all of your insight and for taking the time to put all of this together for us."

Robin, Ontario, Canada

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Come play the Intuition Game with me to get a glimpse into what kind of magic comes into your life when you listen to the little rock star voice inside of your heart and soul.

Conversation guided by Jennifer Lyall


Spiritual Mentor,
Intuitive Teacher,
Dowsing Ambassador

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