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Full time mom took a leap of what?

Dear Sweet Soul,
I don’t know what to do.  I recently closed up my home based business and followed my heart to begin working at a job I feel like I was being called to do. The trouble is that it’s shift work (I’m working nights), more physically intense than I realized and my family still expects me to be “on” and in my full time Mom role when I’m home.  I’m exhausted, emotional and frustrated. Did I make the right choice, or should I just quit and go back to what I know?
Signed, Frustrated
Dear Frustrated,
First breathe. Your breath is an incredible tool to help you with working through difficult decisions, emotions and situations. I sense in my heart that you are right in answering the call to this new work, but it feels like it needs to be tweaked. Is there any way you can apply to work on the day shift?  It feels like there is better energy for you on many levels by you working days. It feels like there is more support at work and more at home. It feels like the routine of you working days will help your family get into a rhythm that matches their life and helps them more easily support you. Then everyone will be happier, especially you.
 With love, from your Soul

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“I’m not happy with my job and I’d really like to go back to school. Is this the best choice for me?”

“My relationship is empty and I feel like it’s time to leave, and yet I can’t go. What’s holding me back?”

“I want to move to the other side of the country. Something about the west coast is calling me. Is it crazy for me to move?”

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